Monday, April 1, 2013

Ronny Chieng at the Melbourne Comedy Festival gala

Ronny Chieng is garnering some buzz in the Australian comedy scene. He arrived in Melbourne as a law student (he was born in Malaysia and raised in the US and Singapore) and only had his first stab at comedy at 2009. I think his act could still use a little polishing but there's a lot to like. This short bit at the Melbourne International Comedy is a nice taster.

It's about time we had more Malaysian/Singaporean comedians (I'm lumping the two countries together because they are culturally so similar). Anyone who has hung out with people from those countries will know that there is something about the accent and manner which is intrinsically amusing; indeed Ronny reminds me of heaps of people I know.


  1. He's a talented guy. I interviewed him and wrote a long profile last month for The Age, by the way, you can read it here:

    1. Hey Tim, yes I read that interview and wasn't sure if it was the same Tim Richards. Nice work man.

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  3. I've always enjoyed his sets. To me, his comedy is less about emphasizing his Asianness (although he does do it well, it isn't in your face as MyChonny*) and more so about humorous observations.

    *Is it me or is there a sadness to some of MyChonny's skits. When he impersonates his Mother or Father, I don't, one time I just felt like there is a starkness to their portrayal. We laugh at the skits but if that is what he has had to grow up with then that's hard to tolerate. Still relate able though.

    The one where his Mother threatens to get a knife from the kitchen to cut off a tree branch from the backyard. SMH in a good way. It's messed up because that's happened to people I know. Branch smacking is broom smacking taken to the max.