Saturday, December 8, 2012


Who would have thought that having a vehicle like Twitter to communicate things as soon as you think of them would not result in universal awesomeness? Because if someone hits you, you are just as bad as they are.


  1. That's not how I read it.
    I think he is saying that if you get beaten and hang around for more beatings.
    Of course, it's not always as simple as that.
    But I dont think he is saying what you think he is.

    1. I know what he means to say, and I think I read it the same as you.

      The problem is, he doesn't know what he is talking about.

      A woman who has been hit by her partner does not always have the option to just leave. Violent men are often at their most dangerous when their partner is trying to exit the relationship. And most major religions and cultural traditions frown on a woman who leaves a marriage, regardless of why. There is, in many cultures, tremendous pressure to stay in the relationship.

      Finally, it's fine to say that women shouldn't stay with men who hit them. But to say that they are just as bad if they do? There is just no equivalence between someone who hits their partner, and a partner who gets hit, but excuses the behaviour and stays. (The clue is in who is doing the hitting.)