Friday, November 2, 2012

Ultimate chavette free after attack on brown guy

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Few things are as fascinating to me as the behaviour of the barbarians who walk among us, and to that end, this story makes a great case study.
See how many chav-indicators you can tick off on the checklist of chavdom:

Amanda Lowe, 26, was caught on camera stamping on Khuram Nisar’s head after calling him a ‘terrorist’ in Piccadilly Gardens. Lowe left her four-month-old baby girl and her eight-year-old daughter to launch the racially-aggravated assault. The baby’s father Wesley Earls, also 26, and her cousin, Daniel Wray, 21, then joined in the sickening attack. The group were later arrested by police in nearby Oldham Street. Lowe’s conviction for assault was her fourth in six years. 
But she was spared jail at Manchester Crown Court after Judge Lindsey Kushner QC told her it would have had an ‘enormous impact’ on her children. The judge told Lowe – who is pregnant with a third child: “Your record is terrible for violence given that you are 26 years of age. 

With the added benefit of seeing some other articles, I counted:

  • Drinking in the park with kids 
  • 4 convictions for assault since becoming a mother 
  • Stamping on someone’s head is considered acceptable 
  • Smoking while pregnant (while leaving court) 
  • 3-on-1 attack is considered acceptable 
  • “F***ing Paki” and “terrorist” 
  • Said those things in front of her kids 
  • Attacking someone in front of her kids 
  • Attacking someone while pregnant “the baby’s father” who presumably is not the father of the 8 year old 

If you are interested in an Australian story that ticks some of the same boxes, while not being anywhere as barbarous in terms of its violence, look here.

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