Friday, September 30, 2011

Asians are "rape-ish"

One of the myriad things I do with my life is answering questions on Yahoo Answers, mostly questions about my areas of professional expertise (sexual assault, domestic violence, etc). Given that the interwebs are so rife with erroneous, ignorant and objectionable opinions, it's important to put some informed opinion out there, under a pseudonym of course.

Anyway, I couldn't resist answering this question today and sharing it with you. It tells you a lot about how stereotypes are created. Note the opening "I'm not racist, but..." -type line which is obligatory just before saying something racist.
And my response:


  1. "extensive experience of being asian" - gold.

  2. It actually sucks stereotyping races.

  3. Thanks for being vocal and eloquent in your response to that girl's insane question - heartening.

  4. "Asians are rapeish" is an odd idea, but I don't think it's too much of a stretch to ask why the Japanese have a relatively high focus on humiliation, S&M and general weird power-dominance stuff in their porn.

    "You know, there's this character [in Rumble Roses] Anesthesia," (Konami game producer Akari Uchida) continued. "She's like this Latina nurse character. Imagine that she's forced to wear a schoolgirl uniform and has to do the limbo dance. And she's so embarrassed that she's blushing. That is Japanese eroticism."

    Their porn is (I don't watch it, but...) full of people yelling "yamate!" all the time. People in Japan who go to parties sometimes get asked if they are a dom or a sub. Shibari is a unique cultural tradition of bondage. I've seen articles about Japanese men and Western women where there is a repeated complaint that Western women are not sexually submissive enough to make them "feel like a man".

    I can see it being tenable that sex is relatively more about power and dominance and humiliation in Japan than it is elsewhere. Perhaps it's just more aestheticised in some ways, but it seems more like there is a real difference. If there isn't that consent violating thing that people find troubling about rape, maybe that's OK though? Doesn't make them monsters, but it might be unhealthy for them.

    For what it's worth, I think not all Western cultures are equal in this trend either. The Spanish for example, are supposedly removed from the Western average in the Japanese dimension.