Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ugly Americans on social media, again

This week, Japan defeated the US in the Women's Football World Cup on penalties after a thrilling comeback. You can watch the highlights here.

Anyway, certain US soccer fans were not particularly happy about this result. And since social media sites exist for seemingly no other purpose than to help douchebags express their every douchey thought to the world, these fans happily demonstrated that uniquely American trait of assuming the US has a God-given entitlement to do whatever it wants and be better than everyone at everything ever.

Remember, this is over a game of soccer.

These were taken from Buzzfeed, where there are plenty more.

See also here and here.


  1. What a disgusting display. what the heck does Pearl Harbor and tsunami have to do with Japan's soccer win? Typical racist bs. What a bunch of sore losers.

  2. That's very immature of Americans. I am glad Japan won. They needed their spirits lifted, and they were the underdogs.

    I have always suspected the reason soccer isn't popular in the States is because Americans can't dominate it (male soccer).

    Ps. How are you doing Eurasian.

  3. Hey Mel and Leigh. Good thanks Mel, struggling to keep up the blogging these days because I have too many distractions. Plus just lazy!

  4. I keep seeing this more and more on various blogs and websites. For some reason, it keeps angering me more and more. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance leads to stupidity, and this is what this is: complete foolishness.

    It's sad that I'm an American and have to see this, but what about people who are not American who see this. Itt really shows how sportsmanlike and nonracist we are!


    I wish I could apologize for all of the U.S., but sadly, I speak only for myself.

  5. It's not just Americans who bring all sorts of ugly things into football. I was at the recent Chelsea/Malaysia match in KL and was appalled to hear the entire stadium booing every time Benayoun touched the ball. Just because he's Israeli. It makes me sad to call this my country.