Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summation of Wesley Yang's "Paper Tigers"

After the whole "Tiger Mom" phenomenon, the other article that has the Asian-American blogosphere talking is called Paper Tigers, by Wesley Yang in New York Magazine. Yang touches on Asian culture and its flow-on affects to Asian-American self-esteem and success. He alludes that Asian values are a key to success yet paradoxically a barrier to the highest levels of success in the corporate world; and thus the "bamboo ceiling" comes less from the white establishment and more from Asians being too deferential. Understandably, there have been some angry reactions to Yang's article, but I think it's certainly a true of some Asians.

Yang's article is here. But if you are like me and are too busy (read: lazy) to stay focused through the whole 11 pages (!), here's a summary of it by The Young Turks. Aside from Ana Kasparian referring to Wesley Yang as "Wesley Tang" within the first 5 seconds, it makes for good viewing.

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