Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fun with Wingnuts

People who read blogs sometimes argue in those blogs' comment sections, but not everyone knows how to argue in a manner befitting civilized mammals.

Here is an exchange I had today with someone named "Anonymous", reproduced in its glorious entirety. It took place over at Field Negro, which is a pretty good blog but for some reason attracts an alarming number of douchebag commenters.

Eurasian Sensation said...
If Palin somehow becomes President, the USA will be regarded as a worldwide joke. Everyone - seriously, EVERYONE - outside the USA regards her as an ignorant moron. Sort of like a hotter version of George W Bush. She represents everything people dislike about America.

Anonymous said...
Let's be honest, American could care less about you, who you are, and I guarantee the country you live in never comes up during our dinner time conversations.
We simply don't care.
But thanks for playing faggot.

Eurasian Sensation said...
Classy. Anyway, I'll pretend you are some kind of intelligent life, and point out that it is interest of the US to be respected by other countries. If we respect you, we are more likely to conduct trade with you and less likely to plot terrorist attacks against you.

Anonymous said...
Listen Pencil Dicked Faggot,
For centuries we have not cared and our interests have been preserved quite well. You used word "intelligent" are you not aware of terrorist attacks/plots to other countries, some peace loving? Stupid pencil dicked Asian Faggot.
Are you sad you cannot get a green card?

You know what? That guy votes.
That would be bad enough, but he helps vote for the most powerful person in the world.

Question: If I'm the "faggot", why is HE the one who keeps talking about MY genitals?

On a serious note though... I don't actually think Sarah Palin has a chance of becoming President of the USA. But the world still better hope that she doesn't. For all it's faults (and it has many), the US is still one of the good guys. Most of the time. And so it's important for the US to have a leader who doesn't go around pissing off the entire rest of the world. And it's important for the US to have a leader that other nations respect, and don't regard as an ignorant hick.


  1. I wonder if oxygen thievery is legal in the States? Judging by this comments, it must be. Watch out for those arseholes who repeatedly invoke genital sizes and do so anonymously!

  2. Oh, I forgot, it is fun to go toe to toe with these fools!

  3. I am an American. And I am constantly embarrassed to say so.