Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bin Laden is dead. Why are some of you being grumpy?

They got him!

Now, I'm going to assume that the Yanks didn't just make this up for propaganda purposes, or shoot some beardy brown guy who looked vaguely like Bin Laden and decided that was good enough. Let's assume that it's actually happened.

Not sure how to react? Here's how. Be happy.

I know it's weird to be happy that someone died. But this is Osama Bin Laden. I know he doesn't have the same kind of body count as say, Hitler or Pol Pot, but make no mistake, he's cut from the same cloth. So be happy. This is a guy who was a figurehead for mass murder and terrorism, for whom civilians were mere expendable pawns, no matter whether they were Muslim or non-Muslim. He'd kill your mother without a second thought, so don't feel bad that he's dead.

And no, this doesn't mean that the threat of militant Islamism is over. And yes, they probably should have got him a bit sooner.

But he's dead and that's a good thing. I abhor violence as a rule, but a select few people have forfeited their privilege to be alive, and Osama was living on borrowed time. Be happy, he deserved it.


I notice some of you are finding reasons to whinge about this.

Yes, certain radical lefties, I'm looking at you. Yes, certain Muslims, I'm looking at you.

I know that it's cool to be anti-establishment, and anti-American. And I can dig it, I was once like you, and still am in some ways.

But really, stop complaining, just for a moment. Yes, the death toll of the War on Terror is obscenely high. Yes, the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan has caused a mountain of unnecessary problems.

But at least for just a moment, allow yourself to be happy that amidst all the horrible things the world has seen in the last 10 years in the cause of the War on Terror, it ain't all bad. You don't have to run out into the streets and chant "USA! USA!" That might be a bit excessive. But the guy who's life's mission was to create an all-consuming world war between the Islamic world and the West just got got. That's cause for at least an approving nod of the head.

Tomorrow, you can go back to being mad about something and normal service can be resumed.

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