Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What douchebags on social media think about Japan's earthquake

Warning: these images may make you want to punch someone.

These are courtesy of the Ignorant and Online and KarmaJapan websites which highlight some of the most horrible ignorant comments on social media about the devastation in Japan. And there's plenty, plenty more where these came from. Proof that for all the good that Twitter and Facebook do (stimulating people-power-led revolutions in the Middle-Eastern dictatorships, etc), primarily it's still just a medium for people to prove what utter c**ts they are.

...actually, I think that would be the Chinese fur industries you are referring to. But it's all the same, right?
Yeah! USA! USA!


This shit would be understandable if Pearl Harbor occurred like, 2 weeks ago or something. It was 70 YEARS AGO! Since these social media users clearly weren't around back then, you have to wonder where this manufactured ugly patriotism is coming from.

Death toll from the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: approximately 300,000. Fuck you Blake Osborn.


I like dolphins and whales as much as the next guy, but seriously? And it's amazing how many people suddenly believe in Karma when they want to heap shit on people. The Buddha would be so proud.

There are simply no words.

Indeed. Oh wait...


  1. Yeah, seems like there's a lot of Anti-Asian stuff going around lately. Or maybe it's just more vocal, and that's why we're noticing it more. Either way, I'm a little disappointed in some of my fellow Americans for being racist d-bags.

  2. More fun Facebook comments for your viewing pleasure here:
    I'm astonished at the idiocy.

  3. I guess it begs the question:

    If the earthquake and tsunami is karma for Pearl Harbor... what was Katrina karma for? And 9/11? In fact, what was Pearl Harbor karma for?

    I injured my toe playing basketball a few days ago. I'm trying to think who I wronged to make the universe cause that to happen.

  4. If the earthquake and tsunami are karma for Pearl Harbor, Katrina is a karma for white people in Louisiana having sex with animals two months before Katrinia hit....

    and white supremacists marching through the middle of New Orleans a month before....

    Also let us not forget that Louisiana is a very racist state...Jena six incident took place before the storm hit,

    and of course they elected David Duke.....

    9/11 is the Karma for what the New York police department did to Amadou Diallo and what the jurors did to those policemen. Amadou Diallo tormentors died when the WTC collapsed and so did two of the jurors who acquitted them.

    Racists like Janelle Cook will turn back and complain that the blacks want apology and reparations for slavery...if you cannot forgive the Japanese for Pearl Harbor why are you surprised if black people cannot forgive white people for slavery and demand reparations...same line of reasoning!

  5. unbelievable, many people have mind with shits, but then posting this, other than provoking hatred among the two, does not do any good. Let's just ignore the ignorant people and do not highlight their ignorance to stimulate others if we do want a more rational society, agree? if people take revenge on each other, meaning we are just as ignorant?

  6. Interesting story from Perth...but not surprising, they dont even have too many South Asian cricketers in Australia unlike England....

  7. @ Pearly:

    I get your point, but it's important to understand the nature of human ignorance in order to combat that ignorance. If it wasn't for the world of social media, we'd probably just assume that youth and young adults of the world were becoming more broad-minded and intelligent.

    @ George: thanks for the story. Although I think your comparison to cricket is a false analogy, because the South Asian community in England is much bigger as a percentage of the population than it is in Australia.

  8. Honestly. These people have no soul and little brain. The people of Japan right now (the living) are not the ones who bombed us at Pearl Harbor. Those were their ancestors. No one should be blamed for what their fathers, mothers, grandparents, aunts, and uncles have done. How would those douches like to be dissed and shoved around about something they didn't do? They probably wouldn't like it, huh? And Janelle's grandpa said to "never forget" what the Japanese have done. Sure. No one can forget, but we can forgive and look past it; turn the other cheek.

    Douches like Ms. Cook and Mr. Campbell should STFU.

  9. Man, these people must have nothing better to do with their time (and reputations). What I find unbelievable is that some of this stuff comes from people who are posting with their real identities. I would think that if they were going to be insensitive and stupid, at least they'd hide it.

  10. One of the interesting aspects is that they mostly seem to be young Americans (by my estimation, aged 15 - 35), which of course reflects the demographics of social media users.

    Had I not seen these, I would have assumed that it would have been the old-timers who actually remember WW2 who would have lingering resentments towards Japan. By contrast, the young should be (in theory) much more aware of Japan the ally, the modern society that produces much that the West happily consumes.

    So the question is: is it the American education system, or their parents?

  11. i'm sorry but let me put it this way...I am Japanese IN HAWAII no less and my family had died over half a century ago in both Pearl Harbor and the Atomic bombing of Nagasaki. So who should I be angry at? Who should I aim my misplaced indignation at? How many sea mammals can I kill before God says Oh time to wipe you out? Karma is bullshit. Babies born with HIV obviously deserved it cuz of karma. The Native Americans obviously had some karmic issues because well they got small pox and syphillis. Shit happens and karma has nothing to do with it. But it's really easy to blame the universe, God, Bush...actually Bush is not a good example....So all these people that are spouting out their hatred and karmic rhetoric I challenge you to go to the wreckage and tell them they deserved it then message me on your Japanese made electronic device. Now if you excuse me i'm gonna go to talk loudly on my cellphone in a library

  12. Wait, these are *real* people posting these messages?? Because they sound more like internet trolls....!

    Best not to feed them, y'know?