Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chinese inventiveness on "Q.I."

Having acquired a taste for Stephen Fry's British "quiz show" QI recently, I happened to come across some discussion about China and its inventions.
I have no idea if anything here is true, but it's interesting...

In another China-themed bit, Fry also credits the Chinese for inventing the toilet, toilet paper, chess, acupuncture, fireworks, abacus, decimal system, drilling for oil, fishing reel, flamethrower, helicopter, horse collar, iron plough, lacquer, mechanical clock, hot air balloon, negative numbers, parachute, printmaking, leaf maps, rudder, seismograph, stirrup, suspension bridge, umbrella, water bomb and whisky.
Yet surprisingly not the rickshaw, Chop suey and the fortune cookie - these were all invented in the United States.

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  1. The Chinese invented gunpowder. The whites eventually got hold of it and used it to conquer the world, the consequences of which are reverberating to this day!