Thursday, January 6, 2011

2010 in recap: My top posts for the year

Blatant plug time!
The year end gives me a chance to remind you of some of the posts I have spat out over the last year which you may have missed.

These are what I think are some of the best things I've written these year. Some of them are insightful, some are dumb but possibly mildly amusing, others are both. If you haven't read them, your life may well be significantly poorer as a result.
Asian drivers are safer. Seriously?
Are white people more racist than everyone else?
"Tim Tam from Vietnam" - or, how NOT to make jokes about Asians
Race and dating: "What is it with you and Indian chicks?"
A bit about Asian men and white women
HBD (Human Biodiversity) and "Race Realism"
The problem of when Western cooking shows go "Eastern"
Tofu containers - an essential storage item for every Asian?
So "Asian-Australian" means what, exactly?
"You are NOT Eurasian" - the weirdest email I've ever received

STUFF I WROTE FOR OTHER BLOGSI did a few guest posts this year. Check it:
Stuff Asian People Like: Spitting
Stuff Asian People Like: Cheesy Ballads
Stuff White People Do: Blame their accusers instead of themselves

Given that I spend a considerable amount of time in Indonesia and Malaysia, I do write a few things about those places. Occasionally I even know what I'm talking about.
The ugly politics of race in Malaysia
3 things Indonesia can teach Malaysia
The most awesome Thai names
Being vegetarian in Malaysia
Being vegetarian in Indonesia

This is the sort of thing that you can quote to people at parties, which will either make you seem really interesting, or a dreadful bore. I think it's interesting though, and that's what matters.
How Muslim names evolve across the world
How language tells the history of Malaysia and Indonesia
English words of Indian origin
The complicated history of the song "Sukiyaki"
Hip-hop's Ethiopian flirtations

Many of the people who read this blog have been drawn to it by my writings about Asian-Australian issues, and the ins and outs of race and racism in this country. Here are some of the better ones.
Addressing the myths and misconceptions about anti-Indian violence in Australia
How to use the media to incite racial hatred
Of geeks and gangsters: the "model minority"
You're damned if you do...
The white-out of Billy SingHow the media manufactures a racist "controversy"
"The suspect was described as having dark skin"
Victorian police accused of racism towards African youth
It couldn't have been a white person...? More on ethnic descriptors of criminals

Given that last year was the end of a decade, I put together a couple of lists of the films and songs I dug the most in that 10 years.
Listmania: Greatest tracks of the 00s
Listmania: My favourite movies of the 00s

Barack Obama has been something of a fascination for me, largely because the reaction to having a coloured fella as POTUS tells you a lot about how far we still have to come on race issues in general.
If Obama is a Muslim, maybe I am too...
Now 1 in 5 Americans believe Obama is a Muslim
More "Obama's not an American" nonsense
Obama bows again. Conservatives are outraged. Sensible people couldn't care less
The Muslim-ness of Obama's family, and what it has to do with his presidency

These are some videos by other people that made me LOL, ROFL or say "WTF?" this year, and I posted them because I want you to do the same.
Ninja say what?
Interview with Miss Universe China. Oh man, this is good.
Japanese precision walking
Let's Muscle!
Koreans, you too can curse like an American
"The Red House" ad - furniture that both black and white people can enjoy

If your primary interests are who's hot and who's not, these polls will interest you. The World Cup one got more hits than any other post this year.
Who are the hottest players at the World Cup?
Who is the hottest world leader - part 1 (males) and part 2 (females)

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