Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sugar Sammy or Russell Peters: who's funnier?

Recently I've been getting into the work of comic Sugar Sammy (real name Samir Khullar). As a Canadian standup of Indian descent who bases much of his material on ethnicity, the inevitable comparisons will be made between him and Russell Peters. Peters has a far higher profile globally, but I've heard a few folks comment that he can no longer reach the funny heights of his early material. Sugar Sammy, by contrast, is younger and a star on the rise. It would be a little unkind to describe him as a "poor man's Russell Peters", but there is a similarity in their acts that is hard to ignore. In truth that's partly due to Peters having essentially cornered the "Indian guy making jokes about race" section of the market. But funny is what ultimately matters, and Sammy's got some good material.

So who do you think is better? Judge for yourself.
Below are parts 1 to 3 of Sugar Sammy's 2007 standup special for Comedy Now!

And this is Russell Peters on the same show back in 2004. It was the set that really catapulted him into the worldwide consciousness; his best known bits are all here ("Be a Man!" and so on.)

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  1. Russell Peters by a long shot, as far as I heard about this Sugar Sammy, I don't like his jokes