Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Rich Whitey" fails to get elected governor

My favourite story to come out of the recent US Congressional Elections. Not so nice for the dude in question though.

HAS there ever been a more fabulous printing error in the history of the world? In the US elections this week, a fellow by the name of Rich Whitney was a candidate for governor in Illinois. Unfortunately, as reported on the, because of a typo on the ballot papers he appeared in 23 districts in Chicago (including 14 mostly African American and Hispanic districts) as . . . Rich Whitey. The problem was exacerbated because he rather looked the part. He was not happy. And, seeing as you ask, no, he didn't win, either.


  1. I live in Humboldt Park, a Latino and Black area of Chicago, and I didn't see Rich Whitney or Rich Whitey at all on the ballot.

  2. Yes! I heard about this guy's story a few weeks ago I thought it was hilarious.

    Im still laughing!!!