Thursday, November 4, 2010

"The back of the bus"? FOX News suddenly becomes all racially sensitive.

If you want to know why Barack Obama and his Democrats copped a pasting in these Congressional elections, you can look at a number of factors, but primarily, it's all about the success the right-wing media have had at portraying him in a negative light at every chance they get. Got to hand it to FOX News and Rush Limbaugh and the like: they do what they do well, even if it is morally wrong, evil and poisonous for America and the world.

If you want to see a perfect example of this, look no further...

Yes, that was FOX attempting to take the moral high ground on a racial issue. Oh hang on, do Republicans count as a race, now?

More likely, the implication they are trying to get you to see is that Obama is black, and "real Americans" (read: Republican voters) are white, and therefore blacks are in charge now and whites are now second-class citizens.

Of course, Obama was not talking about a bus, he was talking about a car. And the metaphor is about the Republicans being like reckless teenagers who don't deserve the keys to the car. Right-wing attempts to paint it as a racial remark are frankly pathetic; except of course, they will be effective. The reason media and politicians try to stoke fears and divisions so often is because it almost always results in success.

Do FOX's talking heads REALLY believe Obama's comment was racial? Either they are severely paranoid and deluded, or they are a bunch of ultra-cynical, scheming pieces of sh!t.

My money's on both those things, actually.

The Daily Show had a pretty good take on it as you'd expect.
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