Friday, August 13, 2010

Who is the world's hottest leader? (Part 2 - females)

Ok, so it was a while ago now that I ran a poll for the hottest male world leader (which as I speak remains a dead heat between the Prime Minister of Norway and the King of Bhutan). So of course it would be remiss of me, not to mention sexist, not to do the same for the hottest female world leaders.

Only problem is, they aren't exactly thick on the ground, the vast majority of world leaders being male. And a number of them, leadership abilities aside, simply aren't in contention to be called "hot". So I've had to be a bit creative with my selections here, picking someone who has just been voted out, and someone who is clearly the rightful leader of her country.

The poll is at the bottom of the post. If there is someone you think I have missed, please leave a comment!

Cristina Fernandez was the First Lady of Argentina before she was President; her husband Nestor Kirchner preceded her in the office. So in other words, she succeeded at what Hilary Clinton failed to do. The 57 year-old is Argentina's second female President and the first to be democratically elected.

AUNG SAN SUU KYI (Prime Minister-elect of Burma)
Ok, so technically the figurehead of Burma's opposition movement is not officially the leader of her country. But she has previously won the 1990 election with an overwhelming majority, and would undeniably win any election held today, if only Burma's military junta would allow her to. In any case, I couldn't hold a poll of attractive female world leaders and not include the elegant Aung San Suu Kyi, a former Nobel Peace Prize winner who looks amazing for someone aged 65.

LAURA CHINCHILLA (President of Costa Rica)
The 51 year-old Chinchilla was elected on May 8 2010 as the first female leader of her Central American nation. There's a clip on Youtube entitled "Laura Chinchilla es muy sexy", so I won't argue. I like her hair.

YULIA TYMOSHENKO (Former Prime Minister of Ukraine)
Tymoshenko was booted from office earlier this year (4th of March, 2010 to be exact) but I'm including her in this list, because, well, she's just too hot to not be on it. I mean, how many other world leaders get photographed posing on motorbikes? She's 49.

MICHAELLE JEAN (Governor-General of Canada)
52 year-old Jean is a true immigrant success story; she arrived in Canada as a refugee from Haiti aged 11, became a journalist and broadcaster, before being appointed governor-general in 2005. Plus she's well hot.

DORIS LEUTHARD (President of Switzerland)
Switzerland has quite a record of female heads of state; Leuthard, elected in 2010, is the 6th in its history. Only tiny San Marino has had more, with 31.

JULIA GILLARD (Prime Minister of Australia)
Migrating from Wales as a child, the 48 year-old Gillard became Australia's first female PM after siezing the reigns of power from her colleague Kevin Rudd. She's highly likely to get voted out very shortly though. Australia also has a female Governor-General, Quentin Bryce, who is the official head of state.

So make your selection! You can vote for more than one person if you like, but not more than once for each.

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  1. I voted for Michaelle Jean. I don't like what she represents in Canada--the British Monarchy, but she's beautiful.
    I much rather she run for president of Haiti than Wyclef Jean.

  2. not sure about the women, but I think Barack Obama is the hottest male leader. hmmmm....

  3. @ e:
    you can vote for him at the "hottest male world leader" post, which is linked in the top of this post.

  4. Not so sure about Gillard being up there, but alright. She ain't getting my vote in this poll nor in the upcoming election.

    My vote goes to the Prime Minister-elect of Burma (Myanmar). Let's hope she ends the detonation of Myanmar villages for the black market ruby trade.

  5. I voted for Laura Chinchilla. :)
    she looks nice in this pic:

  6. it's obvious the prime minister of Ukraine.. Voluptuous

  7. That old trout Fernandez doesn't score with me (too many face lifts) but Yingluck Shinawatra is a hottie, especially in uniform.