Sunday, July 11, 2010

From the Vault: Ice Cube - "Who Got the Camera?"

After watching this recent event in Seattle, I've been revisiting this old classic from Ice Cube, from way back in 1992, when he was still a scary dude (rather than an actor in kids' flicks) with some stuff to stay amidst all the cussin'. The song's title is an obvious allusion to the Rodney King police brutality case which ultimately led to the LA riots of 1991. Slammin' music too from producer Sir Jinx; takes about 50 seconds to properly kick in though.

Plenty of naughty words in this one, should that concern you.

"...The motherf*cker called for back up

I guess they planned to beat the mack up
He called me a silly ass thug
and pulled out his billy ass club
Tearin up my coupe lookin for the chronic
goddamn nobody got a panasonic
Found an empty can of old gold
came around and put my ass in a choke hold
F*cked around and broke my pager
then they hit a nigga with the tazer
the motherf*cking pigs were tryin to hurt me
I fell to the floor and yelled lord have mercy
Then they hit me in the face ya'll
but to them it ain't nuttin but (a friendly game of base ball)
Crowd stood around I said goddamn ya
Who got the camera..."

The irony is that in the 21st century, EVERYBODY'S got the camera (although it's called a mobile phone now). Hence the footage that you can see in the above link.

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