Thursday, June 24, 2010

Who are the hottest players at the World Cup?

Ok, I realise this may be the official point where my blog loses what little credibility is has and turns into something teenage girls would get excited over. But so be it. Plenty of my female friends have been commenting on the looks of certain players at this year's World Cup. And I figure it is one more way to celebrate the wonderful diversity of humanity at the most popular sporting event on the planet. And since I claim to be a guy who is comfortable enough with my heterosexuality that I can appreciate male good looks without getting overly defensive, it seemed logical to compile a few and put it to a poll (which you'll find at the bottom of this post).

A: Yoann Gourcuff (France)
B: Keisuke Honda (Japan)

C: Ahn Jung Hwan (Korea Republic)
D: Benny Feilhaber (USA)

E: Blaise Nkufo (Switzerland)
F: Clemente Rodriguez (Argentina)

G: Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
H: Didier Drogba (Cote D'Ivoire)

I: Mark Gonzalez (Chile)
J: Kaka (Brazil)

K: Georgios Samaras (Greece)
L: Lucas Neill (Australia)

M: Rais Mbolhi (Algeria)
N: Roque Santa Cruz (Paraguay)

O: Wesley Sneijder (Netherlands)
P: Thierry Henry (France)

Q: Valon Behrami (Switzerland)
R: Winston Reid (New Zealand)

S: Tsepo Masilela (South Africa)
T: Gerard Pique (Spain)

Ok, so please vote for your favourite out of these fine fellows. You can vote for more than one if you really can't restrict yourself to just one. But don't vote more than once for the same guy.

And since I'm really not the best judge of these things, feel free to suggest any who I may have missed.

Want to vote on more hot people? Try hottest male world leaders and hottest female world leaders.


  1. While I disagree with (b) and (e) being on the list, I think the others are very hot.

  2. @ Anon:

    each to their own I guess. To me both are good looking in very different ways.

  3. They are all very nice but no Italians??!?!?! whats up with that?

    The Italians are the sexiest Bar None!!!

    Good list otherwise!

  4. @ Y:

    actually Fabio Cannavaro was meant to be on there but I must have deleted him by mistake.

  5. YES! Fabio is a dream! He is soo hott!!!

  6. @ Y:
    having just watched Italy play, I noticed their keeper Federico Marchetti was decent looking as well - you should google him.

    I think Fabio is a little less hot than he was a few years ago.

  7. I will check out the goalie. I think Fabio looks just as good nowadays. Like fine wine...fine Italian wine.

  8. Ok, don't shoot me, but I really don't find any of them particularly hot.

    I voted for Winston Reid just for the sake of the poll, and Didier Drogba looks good on some of the photos, but that's all. I mean, they are FOOTBALL PLAYERS. They can't be really hot, no can they? :P

    Speaking of Cannavaro, I used to think he was good looking. But I was 17 back then. :D

  9. @ Mira, I'll try to refrain from shooting you.

    Are you serious? I'm a heterosexual man and some of these guys would make me think twice ;)

    I agree about Winston Reid, he's damn good looking. And he's just about the only Maori in world soccer.

  10. EXTREMELY difficult decision but I voted for the guy with his shirt off...

  11. Well, I'm not saying they're ugly or anything. It's just... I have prejudice against football players. It's not something I'm proud of, but that's how it is.

    Winston Reid is Maori? I had no idea. I know nothing about the guy. Hey, I don't even know Serbian players.

    Speaking of which, now that they're gone, I'm all for Ghana.

  12. Now I must add, there was a hot Japanese player (not Honda) but I don't remember his name or number. Oh well.

  13. Looks like Pique won! He is hott but I think Xabi Alonso is hotter. There is something about Alonso's facial structure that I really like. I think its his jaw, but I'm not sure...

  14. @ Y:

    I think there was a sudden surge of Pique-lovers invading this site. Either that or patriotic Spaniards.