Friday, June 18, 2010

Condom sales spike in Korea after World Cup win

My favourite news story of the week:

About a million South Korean fans, including 200,000 in Seoul, filled the boulevards, stadiums and parks on Saturday to cheer their team's 2-0 win over Euro 2004 champions Greece.

After the game, fans in celebratory mood bought five times more condoms than during the team's lacklustre 2006 World Cup performance, the JoongAng Daily reported on Monday.
Other winners were convenience stores and fried chicken outlets as fans took to the streets, the paper said.

It said Bokwang Family Mart chain stores saw a near doubling of sales in spots where fans had gathered.
Stores in residential areas also did well as those tuning in at home bought three times the usual amount of beer and more than twice the number of snacks.

Because there's nothing like a footballing victory to inspire the masses to get their collective leg over. While simultaneously eating fried chicken, apparently.
Unfortunately, following South Korea's 4-1 spanking at the hands of Argentina, a national loss of libido  is possible. So supporters of the national team will have more than one reason to hope for a victory over Nigeria in their final group game next week.
Pictured: Team captain Park Ji-Sung has Korean libidos going off the charts.

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