Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Guess who's Asian? Part 7

Some folks spotted around the tube who you may not know were a bit Asian...

Singer/songwriter/producer Bruno Mars currently has the #1 pop hit in the US with Nothin' on You, his collaboration with rapper B.O.B. His real name is Peter Hernandez, and he was born in Hawaii to a Puerto Rican father and Filipino mother.

I can't say I've ever spent a great amount of time thinking about crooner Engelbert Humperdink; his music is probably more for my parents' generation. But if I did, I would have assumed he was German or something. Well apparently not; he named himself after a famous German opera composer. He was actually born Arnold George Dorsey in Madras (Chennai). His father was a British soldier stationed there. While Wikipedia tells me Humperdink is purely British in ethnicity, other sources describe his mother as being Anglo-Indian. (My friend Ruth de Souza, who is from Goa, claims his mother was Goan.) And as someone who has an eye for Indians (though primarily the female ones), I figure he has some Indian-ness about him, judging by his pictures.

I first spotted the quite lovely-looking Lourdes Benedicto on Dawson's Creek, when she played a temporary love interest of Pacey. Which of course begs the question: How the hell did Pacey get to be such a babe-magnet? It also begs the question of what the hell I was doing watching Dawson's Creek... but I digress.  The New York-born Benedicto is of Filipino and Dominican descent. You can also catch her right now in V, in which she is carrying Morris Chestnut's alien baby. Now that kid would be an interesting mix -  a blend of Filipino, Dominican, black and alien.

I have to say - and I say this with a record of unblemished heterosexuality - Will Demps is smokin' hot. Born to an African-American father and Korean mother, Demps had a 6 year career in the NFL as a Safety. Currently listed as a free agent, he seems to spend most of his time posing. And I don't blame him.

One of the interesting things about mixed-race actors is that due to their sometimes ambiguous features, they often end up playing characters of a diverse range of ethnicities. Thus in The OC, Navi Rawat character was named Theresa Diaz; in Castle her character was called Rachel Waters; while in Numb3rs, she plays a mathematician named Anita Ramanujan. (Her acting CV also reveals a role as "Ethnic Woman" in another movie.) Californian-born Rawat's father is Indian and her mother German.

If you've ever watched the best TV drama ever made, by which I mean The Wire, you would have noticed Sonja Sohn as no-nonsense lesbian detective Shakima Greggs. I first encountered Sohn in the Sundance Grand Jury Prize-winning film Slam, which she starred in and co-wrote, based on her experiences in the slam poetry scene. Sohn is the child of an African-American father and Korean mother.

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  1. Diya TreasurywallaMay 27, 2010 at 4:12 AM

    Nice post/blog, just randomly found it while Googling something else. Will Demps is hot, but having to qualify saying that with "I say this with a record of unblemished heterosexuality" kind of reeks of latent homophobia. It's like saying, "I say this as someone who has a perfect record of dating white women, but that black chick is hot!" Um, ok.

  2. Marie Digby, up and coming singer.

  3. Oh and rachael yamagata to add to your list.

  4. hey did you read the article in The Age this morning about how Asian languages are not so popular at school any more? Pity that kids have to be motivated by what ENTER (? is that right?) score they get rather than the ability to be able to open up entire new worlds to themselves by learning languages!
    and ps I saw a movie while I was in Laos featuring a HOT Korean actor (playing a Korean adopted by an American family so he spoke both Korean and English) but of course have no idea what the movie was called or what the actor's name was... spotting Will Demps has brought back the memories :)

  5. @ Diya:
    It's a quote from Seinfeld actually. A play upon the usual expectations of how males are meant to think. So don't take it too seriously.

    @ Fourth daughter:
    Yes I heard about that on the radio today. I agree, its a shame that the focus of year 11 and 12 has shifted so much towards getting a good score, as opposed to actually learning new stuff.

  6. Well, sorry for not getting every Seinfeld reference, LOL. And I didn't take it seriously, your blog isn't smart enough to be taken that way :)

    P.S. You look scary.

  7. Rawat doesn't look like having an Indian dad. She looks so western, so are all these guys.