Monday, May 10, 2010

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David Oldfield suspended from radio for wanting asylum seekers "fried"
David Oldfield, co-founder of the One Nation Party and now broadcaster for Sydney's Radio 2UE, has been suspended for a pretty foul remark about refugees. Speaking on air about refugees escaping a detention centre because the electric fence was turned off, he suggested it be turned back on so they could be "fried" if they tried it again. He later used the term "barbecued". I'm just surprised that someone saw fit to give this guy a radio gig in the first place, given his role in founding the party that brought racism back to the forefront of Australian politics. On second thoughts, I'm not all that surprised.

Racism claimed as a factor in the Farah Jama rape case
Farah Jama spent 15 months in jail for rape, found guilty based entirely on a DNA sample later found to be contaminated. Without that sample, the case against him seems extremely flimsy, and lawyer Kimani Boden has claimed that Jama's Somali background may have been a factor in the guilty finding. I have written about this previously, although I'd wager Islamophobia was more likely the prejudice involved (I've previously written about that here.)

Malaysian police under the microscope after shooting of teen
Malaysia has witnessed an uproar over the police opening fire on 15 year-old Aminulrasyid Amzah, who fled from police while illegally driving underage. At the above link, Pak Bui points out that this is no isolated incident in a country with a justice system that is hardly transparent. Or, if you want to witness the mentality that allows this to happen, read this article justifying the police's actions. An "expert" clinical psychologist claims "the public had overlooked the most important issue, which was that of a minor driving a car without a driving licence." So, not that the police can just shoot people for whatever reason then.

"Plot to eat blacks is uncovered"
Funny stuff from my favourite satirical website, The People's News. Apparently The Man has been fattening up black folks so white folks can eat them in times of hardship.

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  1. There have been a number of elements seeking to rehabilitate the old Hansonites and give them the badge of respectability and a platform from which they can offer their observations. Bolt, for example, has been working hard over the years to rehabilitate Hanson and Pasquarelli, repeatedly posting and promoting Pasquarelli's paintings on his blog and being a constant apologist for Hanson. Pasquarelli seems to have now got himself a regular gig at the Australian Conservative.