Monday, April 19, 2010

From around the interwebs...

Some of the stuff I was reading this week when I was meant to be busy working...

Cilantro Haters, it's not your fault
Cilantro (or coriander leaves if you prefer) is beloved of many but also hated by many. This New York Times article examines the historical, cultural and chemical facets of the taste divide when it comes to this herb. Personally, I can't live without it.

For Moscow's Ethnic Minorities, A Fresh Sense Of Fear
For people hailing from the Caucasus and Central Asia, life in Moscow was already full of discrimination and xenophobia. But the conflict in Chechnya and the recent acts of terrorism have increased the incidence of violence and harassment, particularly towards Muslims.

Everybody Sing!
A look at the way karaoke has gradually become serious business in Australia. From its early days when it was frequented by an overwhelmingly Asian crowd, its appeal has infected the broader population.

The Funniest and Dirtiest Athlete Names in Sports History
From Italian-Slovenian basketballer Gregor Fucka (that's pronounced footsh-ka, btw), to Rusty Kuntz and Lucious Pusey. Worth reading to entertain your inner 14-year-old.

Still on sporting matters, I have developed a certain fascination with the website of Arsenal's Russian striker Andrey Arshavin; or more specifically the page on which his fans ask him questions. Because Arshavin fans seem to be an eccentric bunch, much like the man himself. This week's questions include "Are you afraid of bears?", "When you go to bed, do you spread your limbs to form a star?" and "my girlfriend is crazy for you and she always cuts her wrists because of you, tell me what to do or say to her."

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