Friday, April 2, 2010

Chris Rock's song "Crackers" - is it racist, or funny, or both?

Chris Rock has created a minor stir in Post-Racial America with his new song Crackers. Well, actually it's not new, it was recorded in 2004 but not released, but has somehow got out onto the internets... not sure if Rock himself had anything to do with that. It's a parody Hey Ya by Andre 3000 of Outkast - sure, it's a bit dated now, but it wouldn't have been in 2004.

So watch and make up your own mind - funny? Racist?

(If you are unaware of the pejorative racial term "cracker", look here.

Chris Rock - Crackers (Outkast's Hey Ya Spoof ) [Unreleased]
Uploaded by shinigami91. - See more comedy videos.

Personally I thought it was pretty funny actually. I like the idea of lyrics revolving around black rage being set to a happy tune for white folks to dance to. But I get why it wasn't released at the time. Bit too inflammatory. The "shake him like he called you a nigger" bit is funny and clever, but is effectively incitement to racial violence, which is rarely a good thing.

But remember that sometimes the best comedians are the ones who have the cojones to say what others deem to controversial. And for every Chris Rock routine that oversteps the boundaries of acceptability, there is another that tells some serious uncomfortable truths.

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  1. I couldn't watch that, I had to stop it after the lynching reference because that's just distressing, but as far as the word cracker being offensive, not to me. I have been known to call myself a cracker, a gaijin and a gwei-lo (when I need a fork instead of chopsticks), I just think it's funny because there's no history (for me) of oppression or hurt behind those words.

  2. It is COMPLETELY racist. If we had a song sung by a white comic called "coons" or the N-word, would that be racist? Or is it not racist if it's about white people? This is complete bullsh*t. I am so sick of white people allowing other races to make fun of them, but if went the other way - oh no, my God it would be the end of the world. Be proud to be white. I sure as hell am. Wouldn't want it any other way.



  3. Hi proud white man. although this video could be construed as racist, I disagree with your comment.

    I don't believe 'white people allow other races to make fun of them'. There are very few instances in history or of recent times of violence fuelled by a hatred for white people. Ethnic people have been discriminated against and oppressed throughout history, so caucasians need to be more aware of the implications of what they say, and this is, to some degree, because of the past. Caucasians never suffered centuries of barbarism and oppression at the hands of africans, for instance.

    I don't think you have to worry about white people being the butt of jokes or being bullied for being the minority or different. Consider this, how many negative stereotypes are there against white people in society? Hardly any.
    What about stereotypes about every coloured race? There are hundreds- smelly curry munchers who are telemarketers, bad ass black criminals, slanty eyed dog-eating asians who can't drive for shit. The list goes on. There is hardly anything negative you could even say about a white person because stereotypes about them barely even exist.

    In cultures around the world, not only western, caucasians are perceived as superior because of many reasons such as the general dominance esp in the economy and media of caucasians. Beauty and superiority are generally implied with white people and the majority of idolised celebrities- singers and actors are white. There are nowhere near as many ethnic role models in western society, and even eastern, as there are white role models.

    I also believe that the word'cracker' is nowhere near as offensive as the n word. And no, not simply because it refers to white people. it has far more light hearted connotations. think about how these words would be perceived in public, not many caucasians would be truly offended by being called a cracker? It's not a big deal.

    And lastly, obviously the song is criticizing and parodying racists, it's called irony. Stop taking life too seriously. I only wrote this lengthy comment because it amuses me that some caucasians think that they are sooo racially disadvantaged. Good for you that you are proud to be white, there are many white people who are. Unforunately for many ethnic people, this isn't the case due to (see above)

    I don't give a shit if you couldn't be bothered reading it all. You're probably uneducated white trash (I'm just joking, I'm not racist)
    Learn to take a joke!

    1. U people should learn to take jokes. U all so sensitive and offended about every little thing a white person says and does.

  4. Also, I recommend for you to read the blog post about Asians getting plastic surgery to adopt more Caucasian features. Yes, its their choice, but in many cases its due to being bullied about having Asian features and the general pressure in society to look 'beautiful' in the way that Caucasians apparently do.
    Tbh I don't think you have to worry about your future children hating their white background and their poor body image leading them to get expensive and unnecessary surgery in an attempt to conform to western standards of beauty. Because yeah yeah, they'll be born white and

  5. ps- Eurasian Sensation I LOVE your blog!!! You are a legend :)