Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tinned dog-food with "Chinese take-out flavour"

(Hat tip: Angry Asian Man)

Yes, this is an actual product. How many things do you notice which are kinda strange or just a bit wrong?

For all the times your dog has longed for a little more hoi sin in its bowl.

One thing you can't see from the picture is the ingredients. It actually contains DUMPLINGS. Now, I like dumplings as much as the next person, but in dog food? Granted, I've never asked a dog whether they like dumplings in their food, but I don't imagine they'd notice. Perhaps its for foodie-type dogs who want an authentic Chinese culinary experience when they are eating their "Chinese take-out" flavoured food. I'm surprised they didn't include an intricately carved piece of carrot to make an aesthetically-pleasing garnish to the dog food.

And yeah, what is with the "Chinese take-out with sauce" title? As opposed to just "Chinese"? It's as if Chinese food is only something available as take-out?

And yes, I'll say it; will some customers feel some trepidation about the words "Chinese", "food" and "dog" in the same sentence? (As in, is that lovable canine in the picture an eager consumer, or an ingredient?)


  1. If it helps, I feel like this is an American product, and the vast majority of "Chinese takeout" (as opposed to "Chinese food") seems to be lumps of meat & veggies in brown sauce. As in, it's modified to the lowest common denominator American tastes.

    Also, my dogs get dog food, not pretendy human food.

    PS - Ugh, the "Chinese people eat dogs & cats" thing is so tired. Every time I hear it I think of my Malaysian-Chinese "auntie" (my mum's friend, really) and how hurtful it would be for her to hear it.

  2. ^ Yeah I figured there must be some distinction between "Chinese food" and "Chinese takeout", which doesn't really sound much like food.

    Yeah, I know the eating-dog thing is played out, but it's a common enough perception. Mention Chinese, dogs and food, and a lot of minds are gonna go there.

    Btw I've got Indonesian "aunties" who think dog is real good eatin'.

  3. So you'll forgive me if this is a rude, ignorant question, but is it specific breeds of dogs, that are bred for that purpose? I was told by a friend that's how it is in Korea.

    BTW, I am not vegetarian, but we don't eat meat in my house... Sometimes I look longingly at my own beloved pups... ; )

  4. ^ It's not rude or ignorant to ask that at all.
    I don't know all that much about the Korean situation, but in the few parts of Indonesia that do eat dog meat, the dogs tend to be skinny mongrels. They are certainly not bred for the purpose; while they are alive they help to guard the village and so forth. They aren't treated badly, but like any farm animal who is eventually likely to end up as dinner, they don't get overly chummy with their dogs.

    Here is an earlier post I wrote about my personal experience of dog meat in Indonesia:

  5. Thanks, I read that older post & it was really interesting! That makes sense.

  6. my dog would love to try this food!! He he he... I also I can try?