Monday, March 22, 2010

Mobs of crazy white people rampage through Melbourne's streets

The title of this post may make some of you uncomfortable. But do read on, there's a point to it.

On Friday night, a major intersection at Oakleigh in Melbourne's southeast was witness to a violent riot, as a mob of around 2000 drag racing enthusiasts gathered outside a Bob Jane T-Mart store and proceeded to trash it.

It was designed as a protest at the cancellation of EasterNats racing festival, of which tyre manufacturer Bob Jane was the major sponsor.

It began peacefully until one member of the crowd threw a flare at a police car, which inflamed the crowd. They began attacking the Bob Jane shop front, looting it and overturning one of the vehicles. A press photographer was set upon and bashed after taking pictures of the hooligans.

And as the pictures display, the crowd was overwhelmingly Caucasian.

Come now, Eurasian Sensation. Why would you even mention that? How on earth is it relevant?

The answer is, it's completely NOT relevant what race the mob were. I'm just trying to make a point here.

Which is this: Imagine that instead of overwhelmingly white faces in that crowd, we saw a mob of African people. Or a mob of Asians.

In such a case, would the mainstream media be playing up their race? You can bet your sweet ass they would. The News Limited press in this country would be crammed with letter-writers working themselves into a lather over how we should send them foreigners all home, on how multiculturalism has failed us, and how some races of people are just not suited to live in our society, due to their violent and backward natures. Andrew Bolt would be writing one of his "told you so" blog posts, you know the ones he churns out every time he gets wind of an immigrant committing a crime.

Will we hear anything about that this time? I won't hold my breath.


  1. It seems Afrikaner Bolt couldn't ignore it, perhaps given that the Herald Sun covered it, so perhaps Bolt had to (begrudgingly) acknowledge it.

    But he made the point of placing some other videos he came across, showing (you guessed it) aggressive Sudanese giving police trouble. Just so things wouldn't drift off-message. He said nothing of the Sudanese men in the videos. He just told his readers to look at these videos also, using the pretext of complaining about women in the police force who are apparently ill-suited to dealing with violent thugs to show the videos.

    But these, of course, aren't just random videos to demonstrate his point (about women in the police force dealing with common Friday-/Saturday-night violence) but rather an effort to shepherd readers anxiety in the right direction and counteract all the image and footage they saw of what happened in Oakley. The guy's agenda seems to be to change Australia's non-discriminatory immigration policy, since one of the major problems he has is with having non-"whites" like ANY "Africans" being allowed to migrate to Australia.

    By the way, a number of commentators still insisted that the crowd consisted overwhelmingly of "ethnics", with the attendant calls to send 'em all back or be careful whom we let in!

  2. @ Peter: thanks for the link. It's amazing, isn't it? Bolt finds a way to bring it back to the Sudanese. Way to present a clear narrative.

    On an earlier Bolt post about the riot (, is this choice exchange between commenters:

    Welcome to the new world order of Australia.....and to the multicultural differences that the bleeding hearts SO love to embrace ..In my 71 years have NEVER seen anything to equal this arrests , of course , which means that what I am viewing is clearly a figment of my imagination. Still , with the HEAD policeman of Victoria being excused for BREAKING the law , who is going in to arrest these out of control thugs…
    SHAME , SHAME , SHAME.......
    maggie of southcoast
    Sat 20 Mar 10 (10:24am)

    JK replied to maggie
    Sat 20 Mar 10 (12:41pm)
    Multicultural differences? Wrong thread, Maggie.
    This one’s the “bogans gone wild “ one, not the “ deport them now” one.

  3. Alright. So the fact that 'white' doesn't get any mention when 'ethnic' does annoys me too.

    But the other thing that is ALWAYS invisible is the gender of these mobs. Mobs like this are overwhelmingly, and often exclusively, male the world over. But nobody ever, ever, ever mentions it. EVER.

    I was watching a footage of Bangkok last night, and now that its descended into violence, it's again, Men. Men. Men.

  4. Oh. I forgot to mention that these (male) mobs often form and create havoc for the most stupidest of stupidest of stupidest reasons like, a race getting canceled, or losing a soccer match...Yeah.

  5. @ fromthetropics:
    no doubt. One of the greatly overlooked aspects of general violence throughout the world is that it's overwhelmingly male, and we just take it for granted. If it was any other variable - black, female, gay, Japanese, disabled - it would be the focus of the story.