Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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I'm interested in things. Here are some of them.

India's "Gulabi Gang"
Watch this report from SBS's Dateline program about a posse of female vigilantes from Uttar Pradesh dressed in pink and armed with sticks. Their mission is to expose corrupt officials and punish men who abuse women. The leader and founder Sampat Pal is an inspiring figure indeed.

Skinhead puts on a skullcap
The story of a Polish neo-nazi who became an orthodox Jew after discovering his true family roots. A redemptive story but one that also shows that some people ve a need to throw themselves headlong into some cause or movement, be it one extreme or another.

Abortion is worse for black people than slavery was
One of the stupidest arguments against reproductive rights is "abortion is genocide against black people". I mean, seriously. Well, it's been rehashed again this week by white Republican Congressman Trent Franks, who claimed abortion is worse for black people than slavery. In other words, control over your own body is actually worse than when someone else controls it. More evidence that (a) Republicans still are oblivious to the history of black people in America, and (b) Republicans care more about the unborn child of a poor black person than the living child of one.

Why Hispanic crime might be nothing to get worked up about
Amid the hysteria in the US about a Hispanic illegal immigrant crime wave (presumably being stirred up by FOX News and the like), Chicago columnist Steve Chapman points out that the first wave of Central American immigrants tend to have a much lower rate of crime than the national average, while cities with large Hispanic populations also tend to have significantly lower crime rates. I'm sure there are other ways to interpret the data Chapman is using, but it's food for thought that goes against what many people just assume about Latin American immigration.

No one really knows how to define sex
This is why when people have asked me how many people I've had sex with, my answer always starts with, "It depends..."
Did you think Bill Clinton was being a bit slippery when he stated "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"? New research by the Kinsey Institute seems to show that like Bill, lots of people don't know how to define sex. Penis-in-vagina activity that doesn't lead to ejaculation is not sex, according to 11% of those surveyed, while less than 30% considered oral sex to be sex. Weirdly, 20% thought anal sex was sex. Now I'm certainly no expert on anal sex, but I'm pretty sure that it's sex; I mean, its not called anal SEX for nothing.

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