Thursday, December 5, 2013

Must-see Indian satire of male excuses for sexual violence

You really have to watch this. It's from India, but most of it applies equally to any society, because you'll hear the same blaming of the victim no matter where you go.


It's really heartening to see an increased willingness to speak up amongst Indian women about sexual violence in their culture. I've seen comments from men saying that this video unfairly labels men in general, rather than men who commit rape, as the problem. But that would miss the point. In the words of male anti-violence activist Jackson Katz, "It takes a village to rape a woman". Incidents of rape are tied to the broader culture that surrounds them, that creates men with a sense of entitlement to have sex, a resent for women exercising their free will, and a hunting mentality rather than a sharing mentality towards the act itself. This is true in any country in the world, but South Asian societies tend to be some of the most patriarchal in the world.
Of course, it is possible to make the critique that the rate of sexual violence in liberal permissive societies such as the US is much higher than in places like India or the Middle East. But in the latter regions, that low rate has a lot to do with women's freedom being curtailed, either by law or by cultural mores. While it is probably true to a certain extent that women dressing very conservatively is one way to reduce the likelihood of rape, it also has the effect of removing the sense of responsibility from men. Focusing on women's dress and behaviour propagates the myth that men just cannot help but rape women if they get a bit too excited, which in turn perpetuates a culture in which rape is more easily excused and thus perpetrated.


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  2. Oh my god... this sketch is so funny but so disturbing at the same time. I shan't have any sleep at all tonight. :( :( :(

  3. This is good stuff right here. I support this. I can't believe these assholes would blame women for their own heinous crimes.