Friday, November 15, 2013

Japanese TV wins again

Watch this. (Preferably not at work... it's not like there's any nudity as everything is hidden, but you wouldn't want anyone seeing you watch this at work.) You can thank me later.

The basic plot? Well, for some reason which no one seems to have explained, someone came up with the idea of having a samurai-style duel between a straight porn actor (who as a professional, has supreme control over his man bits) and a gay man who is evidently an expert in the art of getting a man off. While there's something just a little bit creepy about the whole concept of trying to make someone have an orgasm when they are trying really hard not to have one, that shouldn't stop you from finding this hilarious and also feeling a bit weird at the same time.

I should also point out that, in case you don't see the point of watching a censored sex act for 9 minutes, the hilarity is in the dialogue - the commentary and the banter between the two "combatants". It's sort of like Iron Chef but with (unseen) blow jobs.

Poko x Tate - Orgasm wars: AV actor Sawai VS... by jimakutv

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