Sunday, April 24, 2011

Let's play "Spot the Sample"! (Nel Cimitero di Tucson)

It's Spot the Sample time again folks.

Below is a clip from the 1968 spaghetti western Preparati la Bara!, with Terrence Hill playing the mysterious gunfighter Django.
At the 1:44 mark, listen for the eerie music in the background. The same song was sampled not so long ago for a pretty fantastic track that became a huge worldwide hit. See if you can pick it; shouldn't be all that hard.

The song, if you are curious, is called Nel Cimitero di Tuscon, by the Reverberi brothers, Gian Franco and Gian Piero.

Know the song that sampled it? I'll leave the answer in the comments section.

Incidentally, if you watched til the end, did you notice how Django's machine gun fire somehow hits all the bad guys but not any of their horses? Now THAT, my friends, is quality gun-slinging.

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  1. And the answer is...

    "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley. But you knew that, right?

  2. i almost shit a brick when Raff sent me this a while back. we are the biggest Terrence Hill fans on the planet lol. Dangermouse got *that* much cooler.