Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Teachers... who needs 'em?

Wanna know why The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is more than just a comedy show? Wanna know why it has become the true conscience of America, and why no other piece of television seems to so succinctly point out the insidious hypocrisy of the American Right? Then you'd better watch these clips, which come at a time when teachers' unions in Wisconsin are under threat from the State Government.

Disclaimer: I've worked within the school system for several years in various capacities, and if all goes to plan will graduate in a couple of years with my degree in Education. Yes, I'm going to be a teacher, but it's hardly because of the amazing monetary rewards on offer. It's because our children, YOUR children, are precious commodities worth far more than the salary of a hedge fund manager, and I believe there is no greater gift I can offer than to help guide and educate them for their journey in this world so that one day they too may make the world a better place.

Plus I would get to wear one of those tweed jackets with the leather patches on the elbows, which I always thought were pretty swanky.

To finish, some slam poetry by Taylor Mali, who happens to be a teacher. Yeah I know, some of you are thinking poetry is all a big wank, but suspend your lack of faith for a moment. This is the shiznit right here.


  1. I live in the US and I have no sympathy for the demonstrators. Half of them admitted to voting for Scott Walker and the Republicans. Why? to spite a non-white man by the name of Barrack Obama! It was bigotry plain and simple to vote against your interests. You get what you paid for, and 21 months from it will be the day after the elections...and these clowns have the right to vote the Republicans out at least in the state legislature. However, I must say that Scott Walker and his fellow scoundrels are hypocrites. They are all against teachers and training Americans...until of course when you try to bring skilled immigrants into the country and then they will say we need to train more Americans instead of bringing in immigrants!

  2. @ George:
    then at least you might have sympathy for the half that didn't vote Republican?

  3. @Eurasian Sensation

    A majority of the white Union HH voted for Scott Walker...that is how he won. Yes, I have sympathy for the minorities..blacks, Hispanics, etc. The problem with whites in this country is when politicians appeal to their religion...no, not Christianity...white skin worshipping paganism...they forget their interests and vote against their interests...very difficult to get sympathy from me!