Monday, March 28, 2011

Melbourne International Comedy Festival: Hannibal Buress and Moshe Kasher

(I'm the guy who appears to made of pure energy)
I had one of those random evenings that turns out completely and randomly different than I first thought it would be. At 4:45pm I was seated at my computer and thinking how I was going to cook some Korean food and chill in the crib the rest of the night... then somehow at 6:30pm I was lining up outside Soft Belly to watch some random comics I wasn't that familiar with, simply because it was only $12 and since I'm a tightass it seemed like too good a deal to refuse. And 4 hours later it was over and it was quite amazing, and included me getting pulled up on stage at one point by Adam Hills in the name of audience participation (pictured right).

 We were treated to short sets by host Karl Chandler (good and occasionally brilliant), Adam Hills (justifying why he's probably Australia's favourite comic right now), Charlie Pickering (hit-and-miss on this occasion but still interesting), Lawrence Leung (underwhelming, his TV shows are far better than his standup), Canadian Deanne Smith (good without being amazing), and a lengthy set from headliner Brendon Burns (edgy, offensive, poignant and hilarious). Impressing me most were two US comics who I'd previously never heard of, Moshe Kasher and Hannibal Buress, who offered 15-minute tasters of their upcoming acts at the Comedy Festival.

Buress, who has worked as a writer on both SNL and 30 Rock, in particular has shot straight onto the shortlist of my favourite comedians.

Check out their acts and more at the 25th Melbourne International Comedy Festival, from 30th March until 24th April.

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