Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Random funny food things

You may remember that Jamie Oliver once had a show called The Naked Chef. Given that he is a man and never actually got naked, it was clearly seen as a hugely wasted opportunity by some canny Hong Kong TV execs.

A Hong Kong adult channel is set to debut a cooking show headlined by a nude host who will prepare Cantonese dishes wearing a transparent apron — an apparent bid to encourage more men to cook.
Host Flora Cheung will start each 30-minute show shopping for fresh ingredients in the city's famous wet markets, undressing once she is back in the privacy of her studio kitchen, the South China Morning Post reported. Cheung, who admits she has never worked in a restaurant kitchen, said she hopes the risque show will draw more men into the kitchen. The first episode is set to air later this month.
"I have always liked cooking and I thought I should share (the) enjoyment with more people," the 26-year-old told the Post.
"Most men don't like to cook, but I want to get them interested ... From shopping to cooking, it's the whole shebang," Cheung added.
The host promised that her tailor-made, transparent apron won't leave much to the imagination. "It covers pretty much everything but hides nothing," she was quoted as saying.
Producer Jesse Au told the paper that the show may spawn similar offerings with nude hosts cooking up a range of Asian cuisines: "This could be an endless series if it proves popular."(Source)
Note that it's not about mindless titillation at all - it's aimed at encouraging men to cook. See? All about the betterment of society. How caring of them.

Speaking of sexy cookery, ever watch Nigella Bites? I always wondered if she really meant to make everything sound like a double-entendre, or if it was just my imagination. This hilarious video makes clear that it was purposeful.

Meanwhile, a short burst of foodie goodness from The Onion:

And a look back at the clever British series Posh Nosh, which has a nice poke at the elitist aspects of foodie culture.


  1. When they said that a lot of new innovation is going to come from Asia, they may be right. This will get more men to cook. It could be the solution to all the issues with childhood obesity, over-reliance on fast food, etc. Ingenious! :)

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