Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lame Self Defence

In the footsteps of Bruce Lee and Tony Jaa come these guys...

I am easily amused. Thank you again, Youtube.


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  2. I'll rather learn speed running in track and field than train with these guys.
    Funny people!

  3. As a practising martial artist since June 2000, I can honestly say that not all the self defence techniques shown on this video are that bad. It's just these guys are well not that good.
    I'll give you my take on the scenarios.

    1. Takedown from the Glasses - Absolutely useless. No thug would let you take off your glasses. Presuming that you're wearing any!

    2. Choke Defence - They've got the basic idea of what to do. You'll be suprised to know that many thugs will try ro grab you around the neck area! At least they attack the throat. I don't care how big or strong you are. If you get hit in the throat, kiss your a** goodbye!

    3. Takedown Defence - Rubbish. Better off trying to sprawl them.

    4. Attack from the Guard - Is just funny. If some pushes you down get your a** back on your feet immediately.

    5. Knee to Belly Sweep - What they showed would be useful if you are mounted upon!

    6. Low Kicks - They got the right idea but they execute their attacks wrong!

    7. Back Control - Alright, if you're a MMA fighter but in the street. Hell no!

    8. Advanced Submissions "Joint Locks" - Now this works very well. What the guy says when applying the jointlock (wristlock) is also true. If done right they are nearly impossible to get out of.

    9. Advanced Submissions 2 "Joint Locks" - Same as above!

    10. Advanced Strikes "Ball Flurries" - I've got mixed feelings about this one. Sure dropping your position helps but it leaves you exposed to a knee to the face!

    11. Choking The S*** Out Of Someone "How You Really Choke Someone" - Funny!

    12. Attacks With Carbonated Beverages "The Spit Take" - This is a great distracting technique! My friend did this once in a pub! There's also another variation of this technique! Blowing pepper into someone's eyes.

    13. Partner Safety - Kick 'em the nuts!

    14. Tips On Conditioning - Smoking. LOL!

    15. Final Words On The Fighting Techniques Learned - WTF!?

    That's it!