Sunday, June 20, 2010

2 teenagers arrested for stabbing of Nitin Garg

The stabbing of Indian student Nitin Garg (pictured) in the west of Melbourne in January this year came amid a climate of fear for Indians in Australia. Numerous assaults against Indian students had garnered media attention, but Garg's was the first that ended in death.

Now 2 boys aged 15 and 16 have been arrested in connection with the stabbing of Garg, which occurred as he walked to work through a Yarraville park at night.

The police have stated they do not believe the attack was racially motivated. How they know this I'm not sure; there was apparently no evidence of a mugging either. So what was the motive, if not robbery or racism? It is an unfortunate reality that there are young males out there who do not need any motive to attack someone, other than the thrill of brandishing power over another.

At least one of the two boys has been described as Caucasian. Why is that relevant? Only because there is the endlessly repeated myth that "ethnic gangs" are responsible for all these attacks.
The teenager who cannot be named was produced before a Children's Court after his arrest in a Melbourne suburb. His parents were also present in the court and the mother was seen weeping as the teenager was remanded to custody after a brief appearance. (source)
One wonders where the parents were when their son was hanging out in parks at night stabbing people.

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