Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Define "race-based attack"

Another example of the agenda being pursued by Australia's highest-circulating daily newspaper...

From the Andrew Bolt blog:

Meanwhile, another of those race-based attacks that has made Melbourne infamous in Asia: 

"Police are investigating a brawl involving two groups of Asian men which began outside a nightclub in Riverside Quay, Southbank overnight. The two groups began fighting outside a club at approximately 3.00am and were allegedly armed with weapons including knuckledusters, bottles and iron bars."

One sentence can say so much. Bolt's single line of commentary implies a lot. Firstly, he alludes that the street violence that has caused consternation in Asia is really being caused by Asians. Secondly, the fact that he even mentions this at all shows how his ilk consider the race of perpetrators only noteworthy when they are not white.

Thirdly is his description of it as a "race-based attack". You can read the police report at the link above if you choose. There is no mention of any racism or racial basis for the attack. So how then is it a "race-based attack"?

There are numerous incidents occurring every week in Melbourne where 2 groups of white people get into fights. When these get mentioned, their race is never mentioned as significant. So why, when two groups of Asians fight, is there race so significant?

I left a comment at Bolt's blog to that effect. However it doesn't seem to have made it through moderation.

I'm prepared to accept that Bolt might not be actually implying it was race-based, and is just being snarky. But his intention is the same - to suggest that the real problem of crime in this country is ethnic crime. And to imply that whether or not the men were born in Australia or are Australian citizens, they are not REALLY Australian. The problem here in Bolt's mind is not a culture of violence amongst Australian young people at all - the problem is the perpetrators lack of sufficient whiteness, which makes them prone to violent behaviour.

I'm not trying to defend or excuse the behaviour of the Asians involved in that fight. F*** those guys. And I have no problem with them being described as Asian in the newspaper, because clearly that will help bring them to justice, and they were Asian after all. What I have a problem with is the way that is being used to imply a point about non-white people. It's a disgusting double standard.


  1. Bolt at his worst. Just see him in the link below giving a platform for Afrikaners who´ve escaped majority rule in South Africa to pine for Apartheid following the killing of Terreblanche. Just read the comments to see the type of people Bolt is keen to give a platform to.


  2. ^ Thanks for the link Peter. The South African post itself is not especially problematic in my opinion, but I agree, the tone of many of the comments is absolutely shocking. And this is the audience he nurtures.