Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Heard this song? If not, you'll probably have to get used to hearing it. It's been out almost a year already, but it's been selected as the official song of the FIFA World Cup this year in South Africa. Waving Flag is by K'naan (known to his mother as Keynaan Cabdi Warsame), a Somali-born refugee who grew up in Canada. He's a rapper/singer/musician in the Wyclef Jean mode, or kind of like a less-annoying version of Akon.

Personally, I find Waving Flag to be okay without really loving it, although it's catchy; I find myself singing it at odd times. The K'naan track I'm feeling most is Somalia, a sad tribute to his homeland. Nice backing track.

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  1. This guy rocks. I usually listen to just the second half of the troubadour album, but his other stuff's good,