Friday, February 12, 2010

Immigrants = Animals

Some racist garbage from the UK's Daily Mail.

In case you can't read the small print, it says "I've voted Labour all my life, vicar; and fully support their quest for a multicultural society."

Classy. Real classy.

Hat tip: Liberal Conspiracy

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  1. I believe this is all the result of the "strategy of tension" as applied, in this case, by Likud Olami. We have the terrorist bombings in New York and Washington, DC, in the London Underground, and in Bali (our boys and girls wouldn't allow it to happen here -- no, sirree!), and the constant propaganda (black, white, grey) against the dreaded Muslims. The objective? Greater Israel.

  2. ^ Anonymous, you are saying the Jews are to blame for this and everything else? Puhlleeease. You are insane.

  3. Likud Olami, yes. For everything else, no. While powerful, they (Likud Olami) couldn't get it all their way, otherwise Iran would have been attacked by 2007. Another faction, centering around Brzezinski and the Trilateral Group (Obama's their baby), pushed the neo-cons out around 2007, averting the Cheney faction's last-gasp attempt to launch a sneak nuclear attack on Iran around the end of August 2007. (Remember that little story in the news of a B-52 "accidentally" flying with nuclear weapons in 2007, as if such things can be accidentally done! At Barksdale, Lousiana, the jumping-off base for direct B-52 bombing runs in the Middle East, this little attempt by the Cheney network at starting Armageddon was thwarted by internal opposition from the US Air Force and the US Intelligence Community once they got wind of it. You may remember hearing around this time the Israeli Air Force making an attack on Syria, no doubt as part of the coordinated Armageddon event that -- thank God -- came to nothing.)

    Anyway, the thing that gets my blood boiling about these Likud Olami people is that if they'd gotten their way, we'd have had the Melbourne and Sydney bombings. But because our boys and girls wouldn't let them, they had to settle for Bali. I'm not sure whether this is because our elite is less seperated from the common folk, this being an egalitarian society, that they couldn't conceive of allowing such a thing, or whether our boys and girls just wouldn't allow it regardless of what many of our elite would thing; or whether our boys and girls were simply better at keeping the Likud Olami guys at bay better than the good guys amongst their British and US counterparts. I don't know.

    As to the Jews in general, I'm not sure how many of them support these Likud Olami lunatics. Those that do, in addition to being crazy, are obviously bad. Those who don't are obviously not bad.

  4. Anonymous, why are you here? Don't confuse this site for one that is sympathetic to your anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist ramblings.

  5. Fine, believe what you want.

    But as a parting shot, what got me to start taking seriously such "ramblings" was MK-ULTRA. Once a realized that was true, I knew anything could be true. I haven't looked back since! :D

  6. So, the sheep represents an immigrants? Or non-white people in general (it's a black sheep after all...)