Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

Kung hei fatt choy, people! Welcome to the Year of the Tiger! (Meow!)

Let's hope it is the year of the tiger, because last year wasn't such a good year for Tiger, know what I mean?

I hope wherever you are you have received some nice red packets, and have cleaned your house (it's good luck, you know).

Of course if you're not Chinese this may mean little to you. But get with it anyway. I'm not in any way Chinese, but since I am perpetually surrounded by Chinese folks, I usually get swept up in the celebrations.

This year the date happens to fall on Valentine's Day as well. So it is indeed a fortituitous time to give a Chinese person some sweet sweet lovin'. And preferrably like a tiger.

You can check out last year's post giving tips for non-Chinese people on surviving Chinese New Year, here.

Due to the convergence of those two special dates, I thought it only appropriate to post a Chinese love song for your listening pleasure. For all you lovers, Chinese people, Chinese lovers and lovers of Chinese food out there.



  2. Gong xi fa cai (mandarin). (*FTT puts her hands together kung-fu style*). Too bad i didn't get any red packets this year coz my family ain't here. Did you get any?

  3. ^ Nope, no red packets for me. I'm not Chinese, and am not chummy enough with any of my Chinese friends' parents to get any ang pau.
    I did manage to get a couple of cookie-type things that someone brought into the office, that's about it.