Friday, February 12, 2010

Facebook Doppelgangers

I'm pretty sure it's not technically Facebook Doppelganger Week anymore. I mean, it apparently started on January 19th, whereas on February 2nd it still seemed to be Doppelganger Week. Doesn't make a lot of sense, but "time is rubber", as we Indonesians say.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's an internet meme that's been gathering steam on Facebook; basically the idea is to replace your profile picture with a photo of a celebrity who apparently looks like you. Yes, it's a stupid little fad like most other things that happen on Facebook, but hey, so what? It's kinda funny to see what people come up with, although it may also be a way for folks to flatter themselves (no dude, you do NOT look like Denzel, all right?). It also kinda contravenes Facebook rules about what you can use as your profile photo. But no matter.

I noticed some discussion over at Sepia Mutiny and Racialicious about how this meme might be a bit limiting for people of colour. Facebook is foremost used by the English-speaking world, for whom "celebrities" are mostly white or African American. What to do if you are brown or yellow?

Mrs Eurasian Sensation (who is of South Indian extraction) didn't bother with this nonsense, being unable to think of any celebs who resemble her. Whereas I am always eager to belatedly jump on some passing bandwagon, and I had a host of options. Being racially ambiguous-looking as I am, people often liken me to all kinds of celebrities from all kinds of ethnic backgrounds. For example:

(Disclaimer: I never said I do look like these people, OK? These are who various people say I look like - you can judge if they are correct.)

US tennis pro James Blake (white and African-American parentage)

Boxer Anthony Mundine (Indigenous Australian)

US actor Vin Diesel (Italian and African-American)

French footballer Thierry Henry (Guadeloupean / Martiniquais descent)

Brazilian footballer Ronaldo

Brazilian footballer Roberto Carlos

US actor Yul Brynner (Swiss and Siberian descent)

Hurdler Kyle Vander Kuyp (Indigenous Australian)

All-round asshole Eurasian Sensation (white Australian and Javanese background)

Australian footballer Marco Bresciano (Italian and Croatian descent)

US comedian Jo Koy (white American and Filipino descent)

Yep, so basically anyone with a shaved head. Shows a lack of imagination, eh?

I went with Mundine in the end, because it makes me look tough for once in my life.


  1. You coulda bin Yul and went with Ant'ny? Issa crime.

  2. Oh, don't tell me I missed this? Too bad. Not that I could think of a celebrity who looks like me. (Thora Birch, perhaps? In her "American Beauty" days?)

    Anyway, judging from your photo, I don't think you look like any of those people... James Blake, or Yul, perhaps?

    And wait a sec... Vin Diesel is black? (well, biracial at least) You learn something new every day.