Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Charlie Brooker's "NewsWipe"

I'm very much digging BBC4's NewsWipe program - or at least, the little bits and pieces of it that I can watch via the internet. Hosted by Charlie Brooker, it's an irreverent dissection of the workings of the news media, and it's totally on-point.

This first segment casts a beady eye over the why the media play into the publicity stunts of Islamic militant Anjem Choudary. Reminded me a little of the way Melbourne's most popular rag recently fuelled paranoia about halal food (read about that here).

This next section is great too; Brooker manages to roll every single cliche of news reporting into 2 funny minutes.

Hat tip to one of my regular readers, fromthetropics.


  1. cheers mate. btw, the add-on about bags was hilarious.

  2. coolies - you've discovered brooker.