Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Americans are a bit scary; here's proof

As you may know, Americans basically run the world. And the USA is broadly speaking a fairly conservative country. And conservatives tend to vote Republican. So in order to gauge the opinions of the ordinary folk whose voting habits tend to determine what goes on in the world, progressive website Daily Kos did a survey of 2000 people who identify as Republicans, and asked their views on a number of issues. The results are scary. And I already thought Americans were a bit scary, but it scared me even more.

Here are a few results:

24% believe Barack Obama wants the terrorists to win. 33% are not sure.

33% believe Obama is a racist who hates white people. 33% are not sure.

Only 8% think openly gay men or women should be allowed to work in public schools. 19% are not sure.

76% believe abortion is murder. So they believe in the right to life. Unless of course if you commit a crime, because 91% support the death penalty.

Feministe also has a good breakdown of it.

Of course, this poll was done by a guy who likes to ridicule the right wing, so I don't really trust that the poll is representative of what Republicans really think. Well, not exactly. But even if some of it is even anywhere near accurate, it paints a scary picture. Most of them believe in God; but will God save us from the Republicans?

Pictured: A young Obama caught in the act of hating his white grandmother.

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  1. Those statistics scare me. Especially the abortion one. I don't take it so much as what Republicans as a whole think, but its damn scary that of the 2000 randomly polled Americans, those statistics can be abstracted.

  2. I do find Americans- their collective political, economical and other views as scary. Not individuals; as individuals, they tend to be good people. But as a group- it does get a little scary.

    However, I don't think their political views could tell us anything about what kind of people they are. In other words, I do believe Democracts/Liberals can be equally scary. They do have different views on certain issues (abortion, for example), but when it comes to other things (racism, American imperialism, xenophobia, etc), they often show extremely (surprisingly?) narrow-minded attitudes.

    Sometimes, it looks like the only difference between republicans and the others is that republican speak their mind and the others hide behind PC language.

    (And yes, "some", not all people are like that, and yes, it's all about groups. Individuals do seem to be different. A person is smart, people are stupid).