Thursday, January 14, 2010

The white boy who speaks Singlish

16-year-old American-born Tyler Creasman has become something of a minor celebrity in his current home, Singapore, for an odd reason. He speaks fluent Singlish (Singaporean English). The ability to speak a local variant of your own tongue seems like a strange reason to become famous, but for anyone who has even a vague interest in accents, this is pretty cool.

Check out his recent appearance on Singapore's The Shan and Rozz Show here. It gets a bit lame towards the end (mostly due to the ultra-lame co-host Shan) but is quite funny to watch at the start.

Lots of people think they can imitate Singaporeans and Malaysians (I do it all the time), but to do it right takes more than just putting "lah" on the end of everything lah. I think anyone who can really pull off another accent convincingly has to have real affection for that accent and culture, rather than mocking disdain. And Creasman seems to have that affection.

Creasman had already mastered Singlish by age 13, as seen here at a performance at his international school gala night. This starts slowly but gets good.

(Hat tip: Absolutely Fobulous)

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  1. He's so cute!! :) I live in Singapore too but I have no idea where he lives.