Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's with all the resentful white people reading the Herald Sun?

I've been aware of this for quite a while now, and it became crystal clear to me today, reading the comments relating to two news stories in Melbourne's favourite tabloid newspaper.

There are a whole host of white Herald-Sun readers who have a kind of blind spot when it comes to white people committing crimes. In their minds, it is only "ethnics" committing crimes in Melbourne. It's easy to see why they think this. Any time they hear of a white person committing a crime, they translate it as "someone committed a crime" - they do not register their whiteness as relevant, because whiteness is the "default setting", if you will. However, if someone non-white commits a crime, it's not just "someone committed a crime" - their ethnicity is important and a relevant factor in the crime.

Let's look at 2 stories today relating to violent crime. The first relates to the kidnapping of 3 men, by up to 10 suspects, seemingly relating to "a dispute between two warring groups". They were freed by police from a house in St Albans.

There's nothing anywhere in this story (at this point, anyway) to suggest the ethnicity of the culprits. At most, you could figure that St Albans being fairly ethnically diverse, that maybe they were non-white, but that would be a fairly weak assumption. But nonetheless, some Herald-Sun readers were already speculating on what they saw as the most important detail of the whole case - what race were the culprits?

reality bites of Melbourne Posted at 10:05 AM Today
Let's see what the nationality of the crooks are, in Melbourne's safe "multicultural" society.
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Maurice of Sale Posted at 11:15 AM Today
Just love the way reporting of this story avoids ANY mention of ethnicity.This way we all share blame and guilt while those anti-social groups just laugh at our weakness. However you cant fool all the people all the time!!! These enclaves which are ethnic "crime central" are well known anyway. Perhaps future reporting will avoid this reference too!
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Equality for all of Melbourne Posted at 11:34 AM Today
Please tell that they are not the race that believes that it only happens to them, because Australia is not safe. If you don't like it here in the country of your choice please feel free to leave
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terry Posted at 12:21 PM Today
Funny it looks like so many of these immigrants end up in crime gangs and running drugs ,arent they just great for Aust ?450,000 new ones mostly from africa and 99%of them are n a gov of up to 3200 a mth payment scheme plus accom ,and health ,SOUNDS LIKE A DISASTER IN WAITING TO ME .
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Gill of Vic Posted at 12:30 PM Today
Don't you just love the crook Al Grassbys warm and cuddly multiculturism, it has ruined this country! What is the crooks ethnicity? Brumby and Hull, start living in the real world you are both in fairy land.
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kev from eltham Posted at 12:43 PM Today
Melbourne of my youth? Hardly. Change the name to Brumbyburg or even Johannesburg cos we're going down that road. The immigration dept has a lot to answer for.
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Roman of Qld Posted at 1:06 PM Today
Check the racial profile of majority of the crooks living in St Albans/Sunshine areas. Be interesting to see what nationality committed this crime.
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lynn henty of frankston Posted at 1:23 PM Today
might it have been a celebration of ethnic diversity?
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The second story is about a bashing that occurred outside the Sensation dance party on NYE, for which police are struggling to identify suspects because everyone at the event was wearing white.

I may have missed something, but the story makes no mention of the ethnicity of the victim - he could have been white, black, Asian or whatever. The 4 or 5 attackers are described as "having olive skin and being aged in their mid 20s. One of the men had short black spiky hair and another a long black ponytail... Investigators said the bashing was not racially motivated."

Okay, so olive skin - meaning they could be Italian, Lebanese, Pacific Islander, Latin American, South Asian, etc etc.

Again, some readers don't require much encouragement to draw their own conclusions about what's going on here. Since the victim's race is not mentioned, they assume he must be white, and since the attackers are olive-skinned, it's yet another case of ethnics victimising white people.

frank robb of new york Posted at 1:14 PM Today
"olive skin" hey, are we allowed to ask how many bashings that occur are can be contributed to people of the same complexion? probably not, the thought police will pounce on anything that lends weight to the fact that multi culturalism is a farce. it's also better and more politcally correct to let these bashings be blamed on racist australians (read anglo saxon descent australians) imagine the uproar if the truth was allowed to be discovered
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Looking for consistancy of Melbourne Posted at 1:20 PM Today
Hang on..what nationality is the victim? As it is not stated in the story I am guessing that it is white Australian and there is no opportunity for the media to whip up a frenzy. Was this a racist attack then?
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melb Posted at 1:28 PM Today
hold on shouldn't we being calling this is a racial intended attack. Olive skinned people attacking a fair skinned person. Now if this was the other way around, it'd be labeled as a racially motivated atatck. I'm tired of peopel calling all attacks racially motivated.
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MattR of Melbourne Posted at 2:04 PM Today
And yeah, isn't this a 'possibly racist attack'? Or is it only racist when non-whites are bashed? The loony left wing land of the mainstream media is a sick joke. Full of hypocrites and PC thugs.
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ad Posted at 2:09 PM Today
muzzas - as usual - the scum of the earth and a scurge on dance parties
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Indian man Posted at 2:16 PM Today
As an Indian, I am outraged that this attack was not an Indian so that I could complain that Indian people are always being attacked
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Matt of Whittlesea of Whittlesea Posted at 2:56 PM Today
This appears to be a racist attack on a white Australian, why is it only racist the other way?
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Marty of Ringwood Posted at 3:05 PM Today
WAs the bashed man Indian??? I do not think so and the atttackers were described as olive skinned... which proves the point that the violence could involve anyone of any nationality and the Indians are not the only people attacked bashed... so get over the racism issue and be concerned that violence on our streets are rampant..because the thugs are Multicultural... the biggest mistake Australia has made.
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Ben of Melbourne Posted at 3:13 PM Today
Its not racist because the victim was white. Nevermind the fact we are targets in our own country thanks to this government. My grandparents fought for this country and now Im a target in my own country for being white. Polis are the scum of the earth
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Now, I have no idea about the ethnicities involved in either crime. It's quite possible that there is a racial element involved, just as it's probable that there was not. But it says a lot about the pre-existing mindset of many in our community that they immediately leap to these assumptions with almost no evidence.

UPDATE: As I was writing this post, details of the alleged kidnappers have emerged in an article linking the incident to drug-dealing gangs. The names they mention are:
Daniel Best, 31, from St Albans, Adam Gray, 29, from Thomastown, Melissa Knight, 27, from Point Cook, Matt Smith, 23 from Altona and Hoppers Crossing trio, Timothy Falla, 23, Mohi Tamati, 22 and Johdon Tamati, 19.
 Make of that what you will.


  1. Is the Herald Sun the same as the Daily Telegraph in Sydney? This sounds like that sort of gear.

  2. Much of the responsibility for encouraging such a climate lies at the feet of Afrikaner Bolt, Australia's Most Read White Nationalist. He has assidiously been agitating for White Nationalism over the years on the pages of the Stormfront-Sun, providing a platform on his blog for fellow ethnic nationalists to egg each other on and psche themselves up for a race war.

    Afrikaner Bolt, as a sub-editor of the Stormfront-Sun, no doubt carries enough influence to export his comments policy to the paper in general.

    While there may be some legitimacy in discussing in a civil manner the best policy to adopt regarding settlement (soft multiculturalism over hard multiculturalism; or encouraged gradual assimilation over the possibility of permanent segregation), allowing the sieg-heil ethnic nationalists to hijack the discussion on settlement policy, as we see most prominent on the Stormfront-Sun, is simply not the way to go.

    When we finally see ethnic demagogues like Afrikaner Bolt shunned and ostracised by the general society and relegated to obscure hate sites on the web where they belong, then we will know we are ready to properly start the process of sensible and civil discourse about creating a country that abides by the principle "e pluribus unum".

  3. "...some Herald-Sun readers were already speculating on what they saw as the most important detail of the whole case - what race were the culprits?"

    Afrikaner Bolt is a frequent practioner of this principle -- that only non-Aryans commit crimes, something no doubt inherent to their "untermenschen" proclivities.

    I remember when that shooting conducted by that bikie in the CBD of Melbourne and police were still searching for the shooter, that such venemous anti-"immigrant" spittle was plentiful on the comments section of the Herald-Sun -- since it could have only been a non-Aryan who could have conducted such to many of the people commenting.

    The paper seems quite happy to provide a platform for racial vilification. And the fact that it is not an obscure publication only makes more extraordinary the brazeness with which it struts around in its conviction that in can act with utter impunity!