Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vegemite is now certified as halal. Apparently, this is the end of civilisation as we know it.

In case you're reading this and you're not from Australia, let me briefly fill you in. Vegemite is this weird black salty substance for spreading on bread. Much like Marmite. And it's an Australian icon. Personally, I don't really care for it (a little too salty), but that's another story.

The Herald-Sun reported this over the weekend (making sure to use a suitably sh*t-stirring title):


Vegemite has gone halal in a bid by food giant Kraft to make the national "treasure" available to Muslim Australians. The label on Australia's most famous spread has changed in recent months to include halal certification in a move some have described as "ridiculous" political correctness.
"Islamic communities are proud Australians and they want to be able to eat our national icon as well," Kraft spokesman Simon Talbot said. "We don't own Vegemite. The people of Australia own Vegemite. We're just the custodians and we want to make sure Vegemite is available for everyone."

Muslim leaders have congratulated Kraft for introducing the labels, but Family Council of Victoria secretary Bill Muehlenberg questioned the company's motives.

"This is a private company trying to make money," Mr Muehlenberg said. "I don't think they care a rip about offending the tastebuds of Muslims. "Why do we have to keep bending over backwards to please minority groups? There are only 300,000 Muslims in Australia out of 22 million people, which is a very small percentage. Of course, there's a case for making allowances for different cultures, but aren't we getting a bit carried away with political correctness here? It's ridiculous."

Mr Muehlenberg feared the halal labelling was also a sign of "Islamisation" of western countries. "We're already seeing sharia law courts operating in Britain," he said. "Where does it end?"

Since the labels were changed in August, Kraft's head office has received regular phone calls from people complaining about the halal labelling on Vegemite.

"People have called us with some fairly strong views about Australian society and culture," Mr Talbot said. "These are views that we at Kraft don't agree with. We don't engage in racist or bigoted commentary. But for every call we receive asking about it, there is a call to say how proud they are to see it's halal. We are also proud of our kosher, halal and vegetarian products."

Vegemite has been certified kosher for more than a decade. When Kraft decided to scrap kosher Vegemite production in 2004, the backlash from Jewish consumers forced the company to do a backflip.

Yasser Soliman, Islamic Council of Victoria past-president and executive director of Diversity Connect International, said the halal certification on Vegemite was a sign Muslims were "becoming more Aussie".
Now, as far as I understand it (and I may be wrong here), this should really be a non-story. Vegemite has not been changed. Vegemite has always been halal. (It is made from brewers yeast, a by-product of beer-making, but since it contains no alcohol it is fine for Muslims to consume.) All that has happened is that it now carries a small symbol that certifies it as halal, which I'm thinking is to clear up any confusion that Muslims may have had, given its association with brewing.

But clearly, this tiny symbol on the jar is causing almighty wailing and gnashing of teeth amongst some "true blue Aussies". Bill Muehlenberg, quoted above, is just a dial-an-outraged-quote guy who doesn't actually represent anyone, but the newpapers always ask him his opinion on things in order to create a story. But he's certainly not the only one to think that way.

Type "halal vegemite" into Google and you'll find all kinds of things, including an online petition to remove the halal certification. It's quite laughable, they are asking the Federal Parliament to force Kraft to remove the symbol from the label. Here are some of the comments left at the site:

* "This is un-Australian!!"

* "I find this disgusting, Kraft you've betrayed the Australian people !"


* "Make it Halal so the 300,000 muslims can eat Vegemite... I will be one of the many Australians who will not support this and will stop buying/eating Vegemite until my great country stops bending over backwards for minority groups. WHAT ABOUT THE AUSTRALIANS!"

* "Take it of the vegemite, ban the meat, ban imported shit or tax it heavily, and boycott all multi nationals that use chineese indian or other non white labour"

* "Stop any further Muslim immigration into Australia!"

* "Does anyone else of any particualr religion get this kind ass licking? Truely sickening, I'll never buy any food product that has that sign of conquest stamped on it. In future perhaps we could elect a government that actually is a democracy and not a neo nazi facist left winged one Hell bent on committing genocide against its own race of people! What a bunch of psycopaths the white far left are!"
Wow. I'm not sure how someone made the connection between Vegemite and genocide against the Australian people, or between Vegemite and boycotting non-white labour, but they did.

The guy who seems to have started the petition, Dan Tyson, has this to say over at the Atheist Foundation of Australia's Facebook page:

"I wish I could boycott the newly labelled Halal Vegemite but I live on the stuff! All Vegemite is Halal, it's not like you can get non-Halal Vegemite anywhere, it's the dhimmitude of Kraft caving in to Muslim pressure that is the issue here. We have to stop Islamification of Australia by stealth. Please, if you're Aust...ralian and object to our hard fought for freedoms being eroded and our unique culture being invaded by incompatible, oppressive, mysoginistic and tyrannical belief systems, sign the petition."

Then there are these posts over at this forum:

* "How many of you realise that your Cadbury Chocolates also have the Halil symbol on them?? I had that information some months ago and immediately checked. The symbol is hard to see and is just above the barcode. This country is becoming a joke and we are all just being taken for a ride down a dangerous road. What is happening to Australia is not in the best interests of our descendants. It is time we all revolted."

* "I too get VERY upset at all this! Again it seems that MINORITIES rule Australia. What about the silent MAJORITY? It is REVERSE RACISM against Australians."

* "I demand Catholic certified potato chips and Presbyterian bread be labelled accordingly! Cerified Baptist cheese and Adventist donuts. Where would it end?"

Now I realise that there are a lot of people out there who are scared of Muslims. And in the global climate we are currently in, confronted by a culture they are not familiar with and hear all kinds of things about, I can understand that without condoning it. Human nature says that certain things are going have some people a little on edge.

But this? This is the most ridiculously inconsequential thing for anyone to get riled up about. The halal-certification label is basically equivalent to writing "This product may contain traces of nuts" for the benefit of folks with nut allergies or "This product is suitable for vegetarians." (Granted, I haven't heard of any acts of terrorism in the name of peanut intolerance, but you get my point.) It does not change what is in the jar itself, and I'm assuming would be barely noticeable amongst everything else on the label.

In any case, call me un-Australian, but I still think it's too salty.

The above illustration appeared in The Age in 2006, relating to a completely different issue, but it has a strange relevance today.

See also: Addressing the myths and misconceptions about anti-Indian violence in Australia

Asian-fearing Herald-Sun readers of the week
UPDATE (30th Jan): In a later post, I discuss the Herald-Sun's role in generating this controversy, and how the reporting seems geared towards a xenophobic reaction.


  1. Interesting...the issue I mean.

    But on a slight tangent - vegemite tastes like an actual Chinese dish. So when I tried it, I couldn't help but think it just doesn't go with bread...gotta have it with rice (not that I do).

  2. Some people just take Israeli propaganda a little too seriously and uncritically. Don't worry, I used to do the same. But even when I believed it all, I'm glad to say I would never sink to the this sort of level.

    The likes of Bill Muehlenberg, and pretty much everyone in the Murdoch Press, has swallowed this propaganda hook, line and sinker and is actively propagating it.

  3. Oh my god, this is insane. "We don't want Muslims to know they can eat Vegemite."

    How can so many people be so brain-damaged?

    1. halal certification = pay fees = financing jihad

    2. So basically, giving money to Muslims = financing Jihad?

      You better stop catching taxis.

    3. Btw Wolter, judging from your profile, you are one sick fuck. Just sayin'.

    4. I yhink you better get some normal glasses mate instead of those rose coloured ones you have on. I went and brought Cadbury chocolate today15th Oct. 2014 and there is no Halal on it at all. So why don't you go back under the rock you came from. Next you will be saying the Muslims are trying to make global warming, yet there is no such thing, just climate change. Get a life mate.


    5. i have actually seen the halal sign on cadburys chocolate, but it was last year, i think they may have taken it off or something as i could;nt find it the other day

    6. Sue Carland just said this is the stuff of nightmares for some politicians. Personally, a religion that promotes violence (read killings), dogma, misogyny and homophobia is the stuff of my nightmares. But its a religion, so thats ok... NOT

    7. aren't very good this is our country not theres . what are yous thinking . why are they taking over Australia. my grandads fighted for our freedom .

  4. Christopher: I found your article whilst searching for information for a discussion on the facebook group 'Take the Halal stamp off Vegemite' (I cited you- i hope you don't mind) and it was both informative and helpful in formulating a response.

    Anonymous: first, when you're being racist, at least man up and give us your name. and second: i'm a jew of israeli descent, just back from two months in israel, and i just spent two hours formulating the response mentioned above.
    So don't even start me; ok?


  5. @ Tamuz - no problem. Thanks for the link.

    I agree with your condemnation of the previous Anonymous commenter. I'm not sure how he/she managed to bring Israel into this.

  6. Hey there, IMHO Kraft was being very visionary in a sense.. do you know that the Halal market is very large. If you exclude the halal certificationm your product will definitely be out of bound by a majority of world population. I am thinking as a business person and I think Kraft has done what they shuod be doing. Any food products,halal or not, can be consumed by people minus the large population of Muslim ( google how many of the muslims will be a good market for your food products)..however, if you put in the halal products, everyone can consume it ( perhaps some so-called true blue Australian ) who lived so backwards they didnt realize that the world is now borderless..that Kraft is just being a brilliant food producer doing justice to their business and trying to meet the standards...Halal food certification is not only about cleanliness ..but also ensuring the food is processed clean and without a trace of elements that can be bad for your health.

    Congratulations to those who opened their eyes and minds.

  7. @ Anon (12:35pm) - absolutely, Kraft was just making a sensible business decision. But clearly they didn't factor in our species' capacity for ignorant kneejerk reactions.

  8. As per someone else's comment above, found your blog when my brother (in Sydney) joined a group on FB "I don't care if they put the halal symbol on vegemite."

    What a hooha this all seems to be, and just seems to be taken as an opportunity of touting what a proper 'Australian' is - conveniently forgetting that Australians 'are many and from all the lands on earth we come'.

    I guess people are always scared of what they dont know about and coming from the UK which is a lot more exposed to Islam - big deal, really. It's no different from any other religion, the earlier you realise it's filled with lovely people as well as knobjockeys (not got anything to do with the religion itself) the better. Maybe it's a good thing that knobjockey Muehlenberg said his ridiculous piece, it gives young Australians who know how to think the chance to discern and question for themselves what kind of future they want for Australia (and Vegemite).

    Ps. I'm a Promite or Bovril girl - don't you think Vegemite is totally tasteless apart from its saltiness?! Thanks for a well written article :)

  9. What the hell is wrong with these people? Do they also lose their shit over the Heart Foundation Tick? "DON'T FORCE YOUR HEALTH ADVICE DOWN OUR THROATS! UNAUSTRALIAN!"

  10. Just out of curiousity, I went and had a look at my vegimite jar for the halal symbol. It actually took me two tries as it is possibly the most discreet label ever. When I see something like this in the media, it seems to me that some people have entirely too much time on their hands.

  11. Dave of AdelaideJuly 5, 2011 at 1:14 PM

    Thanks for that. An interesting article...

    I do have a a concern regarding Halal branding across foods. Halal Certification cannot be compared to "the Heart Tick of Approval" as someone tried to point out. Halal certification is a religious dietary requirement, not a scientifically based assessment . I myself am an atheist, so I get rather bored with the "Who's imaginary friend is better" arguments. Kosher and Halal are essentially fanciful. Additionally, we are all aware of the cruel means by animals are slaughtered in Halal slaughter houses (re: Indonesian live animal export).

    Some things to ponder before dismissing objection to Halal certification of Vegemite (you can definitely dismiss the some of the outrageously bigoted comments quoted in the article!):

    - The fundamental nature of Islam: Peaceful?
    - Islam not as a religion but a comprehensive way of life that rejects secularism, moderation and democracy (rather, Theocracy)
    - Imperialist nature of Islam (why it is now a religion of 1.2 billion people)
    - The nature of Democratic rule: Majority rule with the interests of the minority

    Personally, the less religious influence within Australian society the better. Don't dismiss out of hand the concern of Australians worrying about how their country is changing. Think about the issues, read about the culture, debate it amongst yourselves, but don't reject the "Peasant's" view out of hand simply for the racist or inarticulate manner in which they present it. There just might be a message worth listening to in amongst all the rubbish!


  12. @ Dave:
    Your concerns about Islam, halal slaughter, and the possible changing nature of Australian culture are legitimate.
    But at the same time, the Vegemite thing is a ridiculous example for anyone to use - they didn't change anything except to stick a tiny label on it.

    1. I'm Dan Tyson, I don't have a Google account. Yes, I'm the guy who started that petition. What I failed to add in it was the fact that Kraft and many other food manufacturers pay a body known as Halal Certification Australia a great deal of money (not publicly released) to have that label affixed to their products. Until the general public knows where exactly that money goes, I will oppose Halal labeling in Australia. I'm not saying that it goes to Hamas or other terrorist organisations, but there's no way of knowing and I'm pretty sure it doesn't go to buying jumping castles for the poor kiddies. The issue is not the label, the issue is the money trail.

    2. Dan Tyson, here's my problem:

      "Until the general public knows where exactly that money goes, I will oppose Halal labeling in Australia. I'm not saying that it goes to Hamas or other terrorist organisations, but there's no way of knowing and I'm pretty sure it doesn't go to buying jumping castles for the poor kiddies. The issue is not the label, the issue is the money trail."

      So you're not saying the money goes to Hamas or other terrorist organisations... but you're saying that since it might go to some Islamic cause, then by definition there's probably something wrong with it. To me, that's Islamophobic.Yes, a lot of bad things that are done in the name of Islam, but that doesn't mean everything done in its name is bad.

    3. As soon as I'm able to clarify where the money goes, I'll let you know. If you'd like to try, please feel free and good luck. Remember those Islamic schools shut down for misappropriating State funding? If the schools channel money into areas deemed 'unsafe', and they are accountable, is it not reasonable then to suspect that money raised through halal labeling, which is not accountable for religious reasons, might be going places even more 'unsafe'?

    4. I'm not sure if this link will work, let me know if it doesn't. I'm not associated with the Q Society in any way but this video pretty much sums up my concerns about Halal labeling in Australia. It's about half an hour, but it's pretty informative and well worth a look.


    5. By placing Halal Certification on its products, Kraft legitimises Sharia. If you think that is harmless then you need to check into your nearest shrink.

    6. @ Craig: that only makes sense if you believe that Muslims are an amorphous population who all have the same beliefs and desires. A Muslim wanting to only eat foods he/she knows is halal is in no way the same thing as a Muslim wanting to follow or introduce Sharia law. The two concepts may have an overlap but first one does not automatically lead to the second.

  13. Halal certification is an industry for which to be a part of, you must subscribe to a particular religious belief. This is discriminatory in every sense. We deny Catholic schools only want to hire Catholic school teachers and yet are fully open to Islamic demands for the entire supply chain for Halal foods to be operated by Muslims. Surely it is discriminatory for Kraft to include Halal certification on Vegemite, without consideration for the plethora of other religious and belief-driven groups in society? What about Kosha, Christian Fundamentalists, PETA, Vegan, Vegetarian, Fruitarianism, RSPCA, WWF, Greenpeace, Occupy-moement etc etc? Why are Kraft only interested in one of these groups?

    I believe Halal-certified slaughter is unnecessarily cruel and the Halal-certification industry is bigoted in terms of who it employs. Given Kraft have to pay for Halal certification, by buying Vegemite I am now indirectly supporting Halal-certificaiton.

    So when you say, 'oh its a tiny symbol, and what does it matter?' - it matters to me.

  14. I may be wrong here, but isn't the reason people are rejecting the idea of the Halal symbol on the vegemite because of profits? Once the Halal symbol is placed on the food item, a certain percentage of the financial profits goes to the minority religion rather than all to Kraft. So i'm guessing people can't understand why they deserve more money thrown at them just for having their symbol on vegemite?!

    1. @ Anon: Yes, you are wrong here. What percentage of profits goes to "the minority religion"? None. I'm guessing the company paid a small fee one time to someone who could verify it was halal, and that's all.
      Let's be completely clear: people are rejecting the idea of the halal symbol on the vegemite because (a) they don't really like Muslims and/or (b) they don't actually understand what halal means.

    2. A - I don't like islam.
      B - I understand halal certification. It's a religious tax.

      Halal is sharia and sharia is incompatible with secular western civilisation and laws.

      Halal is also discriminatory.

      islam is evil and will not be supported by non-muslims.

  15. if they are so proud and have such strong beliefs of there own, what are they doing here. i love Vegemite, i was bought up on Vegemite but i will gladly give it up. call me racist, call me a bigot but y do they need to put thier stamp on our food if they have such strong beliefs of thier own religion. Vegemite should have proudly owned and made in australia ONLY

    1. I won't call you a racist or bigot. However, I will call you a person who might do well to read the article properly before you leave a post full of ill-informed nonsense.

    2. i am muslim, and i like the fact that halal labeling is now widely provided.
      Not that i like vegemite, i never really cared for the stuff (call me a terrorist if you must). But the fact that muslims have responded positively to this gesture is a clear example of muslims wanting to become more "australian"
      we do have views of our own, but we would like to share your views and activities too, and adding halal certification to vegemite certainly isnt hindering that

    3. do yourself a favor and read the article and google what halal means before posting a comment. Nothing that you said makes any sense at all

  16. Allowing more people to enjoy a product is the Western Way of doing things. Islam is a way of life for people and not a race. If Australian Muslims (and other Muslims) want to eat vegemite we should allow them! This a free world and we are born that way too!


  17. I don't see what all the fuss is about. Muslims should be able to come emigrate to a foreign country and demand special labelling to appease their beliefs about the afterlife. Personally, I can't wait for Australian to be under Islamic Sharia, I never really liked beer, bacon or women with their genitals intact anyway.

  18. I demand a picture of El Ron Hubbard on the jar of Vegemite. Scientologists are concerned Vegemite may not be fit for intergalactic souls traveling with lord Zenu on there billion year mission.

  19. what a moron ideology that you put down into a post. Kraft doesnt intend the halal logo to the Aussies, its intended for their international market. halal is the 'visa' to export into Muslim's market which, is a huge market.
    urghh *rolling eyes

    1. 1. Can you buy Non Halal Vegemite in Australia? NO.
      2. Do Indonesians eat Vegemite? NO.
      I have lived and worked in Indonesia for the last 20 years and am yet to see an Indonesian who likes the stuff.

    2. FFS. Can you buy non-Halal Vegemite in Australia or anywhere else? No. Why is that? Because all Vegemite is Halal, and always was.
      So why get certification? Because Vegemite is made with brewer's yeast, and the association with beer meant that it needed certification to show people that it is not, in fact, alcoholic.

  20. The point is this: can I buy Non Halal Vegemite? NO. We no longer have any choice. Another main point is, contrary to what ES posted above, this is not a one-off payment for certification. It is ongoing and the costs are forced onto everybody whether we like it or not

    1. Ok, so let's say the costs are forced onto everybody as you say. How much will it actually cost you, per jar of vegemite? 1 cent? 5 cents? I think that is an overestimation, but let's say for argument's sake that it was costing you an extra 5 cents per jar for Vegemite to be halal-certified. Is that really making you angry? How much Vegemite do you consume for this to be a significant issue for you?

      I think there are arguments worth having about the long-term impact of Muslim immigration to Australia. This is not even close to being one of them.

    2. A 250g jar of Vegemite costs Rp.156,000 (A$15,00) in Jakarta. Not cheap.
      You may be right that this is not even close to being a decisive swipe at Islamisation of Australia but it is just another of many small wedges. There is a principle here. The cost of Halal certification is not cheap. The funds raised go to the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils to be used for the proselytising the Islamic religion and Sharia in Australia. I don't force my religion on people and I certainly don't approve of the funds raised by my purchase of a product to be used in such a way. This is just another of the many small wedges being driven in and the apathetic won;t realise what has happened until it is too late. Our constitution guarantees us freedom of religion and more importantly, freedom from it should we so choose. Think of it as each time you park your car at the supermarket car park, someone opens their door on your car leaving a small scratch. You say, "no dramas, it's just a little scratch. Nobody will notice". Next week you get another and so it goes until one day you look at your car and it resembles a wreck. We live in a free country where we have choices. Being told we no longer have a choice but to accept halal food is not on. I also do not donate money to any religious organisation and am not happy that a donation to AFIC is being made on my behalf. Non halal Vegemite is not available so I have switched to another brand that does offer it.

    3. Ever bought products by Sanitarium? Your money goes straight to the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

      Vegemite has obviously made a business decision that it's worthwhile for them to brand the product as halal, knowing that most people are not likely to get worked up about it. If you wish to exercise your rights as a consumer and not buy it, so be it.

      You don't see it as just a wee bit ironic that you are living in Jakarta, complaining about the cost of buying vegemite there, while complaining about Muslims taking over Australia?

    4. You cannot compare Sanitarium with this subject. You do not see its logo on any but their own products. They support many major sports in Australia and are always there to help unfortunate people around the world. Any donations given to The Seventh Day Adventist church all goes towards aiding others. You do not see that with any other belief system.

    5. Yeah, watch out for Seventh Day Adventist Church in Iraq and Syria (SDAVIS) .. all that terrorism of theirs needs funding from corn flakes.

  21. This is more a matter of how many Halal certified products are on our shelves at the moment. I personally don't agree with the Halal practices, particularly the slaughter of animals, so I try to boycott these products wherever I can. This is a belief for many people, and obviously, people are entitled to their beliefs. As to the number of "racist" tags being dolled out in the comments, just remember people, Islam is a religion not a race.

  22. I'm from malaysia and i'd love to try the iconic Vegemite. I am sure there'll be a dozen jar or two in my local imported foods mart. Will check them out very soon

    1. if you're muslim, i'd rather you didn't.

  23. In and of itself, a Halal Certification shouldn't be an issue. You can argue about whether or not this is technically Halal, because even if there is no alcohol, this is a byproduct of beer making.

    There can be some pork fat in your vegetarian beans and they can still be labeled as vegetarian. They will not however be labeled as Halal or Kosher. These labels have to meet considerably higher standards.

    This becomes an issue in a broader context. When you get a Kosher certification for non-Alcohol products, it technically means your product is Halal, except that a lot of Moslems, just don't like Jews. OK, maybe most don't though they might insist that they just don't like Jews who have the nerve to live in Israel.

    Which brings us to the other issue. Some Rabbi somewhere received a fee to certify something Kosher and some Islamic Cleric of some type was paid to certify something Halal. Which one is more likely to blow you up in a night club or cut off your head on television?

    It is almost September 11th. They will be celebrating, maybe with a jar of Vegemite, maybe someplace near you.

    Vegemite is pretty disgusting stuff and the money for certifying it will go towards other good causes, like requiring women cover themselves, segregating libraries and blowing up buses.

    And oh yeah, if you don't like Islamic Rule you might be a racist or something.

  24. http://www.halal-australia.com.au/application-form/

    In their own words

  25. this halal is nothing more then a modern day invention for extortion and many companies have fallen for this
    Kraft are silly there product did not need this halal it was already permissible but since they did I wish them luck because their going to need it

  26. Fuck Halal and terrorism and Islamic religious food tax! I don't want to be supporting oppressive, barbaric Islamic ideologies when buying food in my own country!

  27. This evening, I contacted the Company who markets Vegemite in Australia and told them that when I finish my current jar of Vegemite, I WILL NEVER buy it again as long as it is halal certified. I just turned 70 and have been a Vegemite lover all my life. Most of us oldies are! I am afraid I will just have to do without!

  28. I have just a letter to Mondelez international (Kraft / Cadbury) informing them that with great sadness that they have lost a customer for life. Why anyone should be forced to pay a sharia religious tax is beyond me. I don't care if it is 1c. I won't pay a religious tax. This is Australia, not the middle east.

  29. I've heard that the cost of halal certification is essentially like paying protection money. With exporters being asked to pay-up by halal certifiers or their products will be pulled from off the shelves of overseas countries. I've even heard of products such as plastic containers being certified as halal, huh?

    If these certifications are like a protection money/extortion thing is this not a tad illegal?


  30. The Islamic council should be paying Mondelez for the label, not the other way round. Dumb. If a certain religion wants it labelled to suit them then they should be paying for that label. Why the heck are we paying them especially when vegemite has always been halal.

  31. by proudly displaying the Halal certification on any product, Kraft basically says the cruel and horrific torture of animals during the halal process is not only okay but is wonderful. It doesn't matter that no animal product is used in vegemite, they are giving blanket approval to halal....all for the sake of $$$$$$$$

  32. reading all these comments saddens me on what our world have become.

    Putting a Halal label on food is just so muslims can put an ease to our worries if the food are safe to be consume within our religion

    Just like vegetarian people
    Just like people allergic to nut
    Just like lactose intolerant
    Just like indian with cow meat

    that's it. nothing propagandic about it.

    When they put vegetarian food on the shelves, there's no outrages from the rest of us
    When they put nut free food, where's the outcry?
    When soy milks and almond milks were put side by side in the supermarket, where's the petition to ban them?
    When they sell mutton and lamb meat did you scoff and say "oh, it's for those Indians"?

    why is it just Islams? why so much prejudice over religions and only towards Islam? Why? Do they wreck havoc in your country? do we go on a murder spree in your neighbourhood? Do we kidnap your children and sell them in blackmarket?

    You see, I found it funny. You people said the money went to pay for the halal label is to pay for Jihad. But the muslims community are saying that McdDonalds and coke are giving their profits to pay for the weapons they used in the genocide in Syria where my brothers and sisters are murdered just because they are "Islam".

    This is like WWII all over again.

    Here you are all screaming for justice and peace when in fact you are doing just the opposite. Why don't you go and read real books instead of the internet and read the truth about Islam. The REAL Islam instead of spouting your bigotry here in this post.

    Are you even sure the terrorists of September 11 is Islam?

    Are you?

    Humans are given the gift of mind for a reason; to think! Open your eyes and see the truth! Stop all this hatred. It is never ending. Aren't you tired at all?

    If your beloved father or mother or brother or sister or children embraced Islam; are you going to hate them too? Isolate them? stop talking to them? Forever? What happen to the love for them before?

    Goodbye, and Thank You for reading.

    1. You could not be more wrong if you tried. Firstly, Halal is a financial transaction. The company pays a "tax" to a Halal certification body for each product. The "tax" is paid by the consumer, unwittingly because there is no labelling requirement. The money (billions) is used to fund religious expansion.

      Apart from the above, Halal slaughter of animals is incredibly cruel and backwards. And while the live animal has it's throat slashed, a prayer is uttered to a god (that I do not believe in).

      So I am paying extra money to have an animal treated incredibly cruelly, to have a prayer issued to a god I do not believe in, and to have the money raised used to build Mosques.

      I don't agree with that. I work hard for my money, I do not want to pay for that. So mark the product clearly HALAL and I will NEVER buy it. Let me choose.

      Cadbury, KFC, Subway, many others pay this religious tax (which the customer pays) without telling the customer. This is WRONG WRONG WRONG.

  33. I eat both halal and not halal foods. And I live so healthy.

    Jhe | Pump Specialist

  34. Something about which all guardians stress is the way they can get the best instruction for their youngsters. Whether a youngster will have an effective profession or not depends to a great extent on tutoring. Muslim guardians generally search for a muslim school for their kids. Such schools charge nominal or no fee for education of Muslim children. These schools are running with Islamic donation.

  35. Halal certification is a religious tax added to the purchase price of consumer goods. The money, added to the purchase price, goes to Halal certification bodies. What they use the money for I will come back to later.

    But the important thing, surely even you would see, is that if products choose to add an additional fee to pay to Halal certification bodies, they should display this on the packaging. So as to allow people to choose. To give them that right. Is that not fair?

    Apart from the financial factor (adding money to your purchase price to fund a religion), let us look at the other moral implications.

    If the product contains meat, it means you are being charged extra to have a Muslim slaughter the meat in a very cruel way, while prayers are offered to Allah. Surely this should be a choice consumers can make? Make the labelling plain and obvious. That is only fair.

    Then there is the question as to what happens with the money. Best case scenario, people are (unwittingly) funding Islamic expansionism. Worst case...I won't even go there.

    So what is wrong with allowing people to choose? You can facilitate this by clear labelling. Then, problem solved.