Thursday, January 21, 2010

Still more Awesome Asian Ads - Thailand

I never knew Thais were such a quirky people. Although truth be told, I just don't know that many Thais to judge. But of all the countries' ads I've posted up here in the past, Thailand's are the most consistently weird and awesome. You can also see more of them here, here and here.

Also you can see some awesome Malaysian ads here and here.

Awesome Indonesian ads here and here.

Awesome Korean ads here and here.

Awesome Japanese ads here, here, here and here.

Awesome Indian ads here and here, and awesome Chinese ads here.


  1. Thais rock.
    One of my favourite movies, Citizen Dog, is like a celebration of cool quirk.

    Here's the trailer-

    and the themesong

  2. @ bonoboboy - whoever came up with the concept for that movie has got a pretty serious stash. I want.