Friday, January 15, 2010

Is it OK to laugh at this?

Ever laugh at something, then later realise that maybe you shouldn't have laughed at it, and then felt like a bad human being?

I recently came across this clip of Ris Low, who was on 31st of July crowned as Miss World Singapore. She's certainly nice to look at, but watch and you'll see why half of Singapore collectively facepalmed at the thought of Low representing them on the world stage.

Ris Low's interviews have spawned a number of sendups on Youtube and elsewhere, and single-handedly introduced the term "Boomz" into the Singaporean lexicon.

Admit it, you thought that was pretty funny. Most of us like to chuckle at someone who appears not too bright. Singaporeans like to think of themselves as good English speakers too, so someone who speaks like an ah lian like Low is going to come in for a bit of mockery. (Even if half of Singapore speaks like that anyway; and who would really be shocked that a beauty pageant winner turned out to be a bit ditzy?)

Ok, but then things got complicated; it turned out that Low was on probation for credit card fraud, and had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She subsequently stepped down from her role as Miss World Singapore.

Um, so is it still all right to laugh? In these murky politically correct times, it's OK to laugh at someone who is just dumb, but if they are that way because they have some kind of mental problems, then that's just nasty. Shame on you.

In any case, these folks below thought it was still funny.

If you found that funny, you are obviously a bad person.

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