Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Indian student stabbed to death; what does the public reaction say about us?

Warning: reading this will probably make you angry.

Not just the fact that a young life was taken on Saturday night, but some of the reactions to it.

The victim in question, Nitin Garg, was an Indian accounting student on his way to work in Hungry Jack's fast food restaurant in Footscray. He was stabbed around 10pm, only 100 metres from the store. There are no suspects at this time.

It is the latest in a string of attacks on Indians in Australia, but the first to have been fatal. While Melbourne, and in particular Melbourne's west, has been ground zero for this alarming trend, attacks have occurred in other areas as well, such as this recent incident of assault and racial abuse on a taxi driver in Adelaide.

The Indian government and media is again in a state of uproar over what they see as racism, as well as inaction by Australia's government to protect Indians. Whether this attack was indeed racial in nature is not known, and it may well not have been. There were other knife attacks elsewhere in Melbourne over the weekend. But given the frequency of attacks on Indians (which in the vast majority of cases have been completely unprovoked), it is hard to argue that racism is not a significant factor in at least some of them.

Speaking of racism, if the readership of the Herald Sun (Australia's most-read newspaper) is any kind of accurate barometer of our attitudes, then it is a sad reflection on the sorry state of this country.

Below I have included some of the comments that appeared on the newspaper's website in response to Garg's stabbing and the reaction of Indians here and abroad. The majority were decrying the violent place Melbourne has become and advocating a tougher stance on crime. At least a third were vehemently denying that the attacks could be racist, or that Australia was racist. Below are the cream of the crop.

Angry - had enough of Melbourne Posted at 2:11 AM Today
Immigration has to stop for the violence to stop. You can blame Rudd for this.
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Marcus Freeman of Melbourne Posted at 2:39 AM Today
Ok so who is really to blame??...our stupid federal politicians and bureaucrats who have encouraged unprecedented numbers of these people to come here under the sham of paying huge amounts of money for a dud qualification BUT you may be given permamnent residency! It's a combination of sham politicians and immigrants delusionally obsessed with getting citizenship that has led to this unfortunate outcome. Wake up all of you fools this situation has to end soon otherwise it will be well and truly out of control.
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Brad McLaughlin of Western Sydney Posted at 5:38 AM Today
My Anglo-saxon housemate was almost killed tonight by 6 Indian men in Castle Hill, Western Sydney. As a security guard, he'd asked them politely to move their vehicles from a carpark in order for him to lock the gate. They responded with promises to stab him, before they all set on him, dragging him from his vehicle. Even with his years of martial arts training, he spent over 5 minutes defending himself from them before managing to escape. After stealing his wallet, they then turned their attention to trashing his assigned work vehicle. Multi-culturalism FAIL. Police are 'still investigating'. "What else needs to happen before the Government does something? If this attack is not racially based, then what is it?" -Gautam Gupta, spokesman for the Federation of Indian Students of Australia
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Danny Porter Posted at 7:56 AM Today
i am sorry for this guys death,but i believe the reason the indians are not liked is because they gather in groups and are just too loud.some of my friends have indians as neighbours and they make so much noise without considering others nearby.They seem to think because they are in groups that they can get away with it.same principal applies to the taxi riots in the city.they need to wake up.
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Shane W of East Melb. Posted at 8:06 AM Today
Who says that it wasn't another Indian who killed him?
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Wazza Posted at 8:08 AM Today
Good moore room in the uni for Australian kids
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Griffins of Melbourne Posted at 8:16 AM Today
Australia is NOT racist. I am offended by these "racist" comments, from INDIANS, from one of the most RACIST countries on this planet. If you have such problems with our culture, why do you want to come here? And to our government, how about STOPPING immigration until such time as the problems we have with other nationalities coming here and bringing their crap cultures have been fixed? This is NOT a racist issue because INDIANS are not the only ones being hit. If anyone is racist in this situation, it's the INDIANS. For goodness sake, it's not only the INDIANS suffering hits with attacks and violence.
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Billy Hill of Betoota Posted at 8:20 AM Today
Better wait and see if the thugs were white before tossing the R word around folks. Only white thugs are racists aren't they.
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maria of null Posted at 8:22 AM Today
Before you all start jumping to conclusions,why dont you all shut your faces,wait to see when they catch the culprits,i am sick of hearing ITS A RACIAL THING,so many other non indians attacks happen every day,no one says anything, an indian gets attack automaticaly its a racial thing,all i can say, if people from other countries that come to australia on a visa, is "GO HOME",if you believe what you believe.SIMPLE>
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mel Posted at 8:32 AM Today
I am sick of Australians as a whole getting blamed for these 'so called' racist attacks. when a lot of the time it is immigrant Australians who are attacking these people.
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Chris of Melbourne Posted at 8:35 AM Today
I am not condoning what happened, but you can expect to see alot more of these race related bashings/killings what with our countries ridiculous immigration policy. KRudd is sending Australia down the toilet... We should stop all immigration for the forseeable future and protect Australian jobs.
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Thomas Collins of Melbourne Posted at 8:37 AM Today
How is it that Gautam Gupta had no comment to make when an Indian man slashed his Indian wife's throat last week. Or is it OK in for Indian men to kill their wives but not OK for an Indian man to be killed. Also how about some comment by Gupta on the number of sex offences being committed by Indians in Melbourne.
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Michael of Seaford Posted at 8:37 AM Today
It's very selective reporting isn't it ??? The fact that the Indian community here KNOWS that the majority of people attacking the Indians are not white, they are Africans. This is not being brought up publically, because they feel they will have a better chance of having our sloth-like government having to do something. Ask any Indian cabbie about this, and you will hear it for yourself. Doesn't excuse the fact that these attacks with knives are unnaceptable, but let's face it: the government simply couldn't stand being labelled "double racists" by both the Indians AND the Africans (if they named them), so they keep the attackers ethnicity swept under the carpet. I agree with other posters about our pathetic jail terms for these kind of attacks...but FACTUAL reporting please....not carefully edited rubbish.
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Peter Hartley of Melbourne Posted at 8:42 AM Today
Who's to say an Indian didn't stab this guy - it's not like India doesn't have racist elements? Ahhh....marvellous multiculturalism!
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Anna Moore Posted at 8:45 AM Today
What about Aust. women in Indian that are rapped and bashing and murdered? This never makes headlines in India !!!! Who is misogonist AND racist now?
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indian dreaming of melbourne Posted at 9:21 AM Today
it hasnt been safe to walk the streets at night for a long time and shows the arrogance of these so called new australians that they think they can walk the streets anywhere anytime and not pay the price when we australians know better.
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eva of melbourne Posted at 9:31 AM Today
The Accuntant Graduate, who came here to study, WHY the PERNANMENT RESIDENCY ??? Manager of a fast food outlet, Maybe just maybe HE WAS taking an OSSIE JOB!!! Just WHOM are WE SHORT OF ??? Accauntants or kitchen hands ?? At which point was He going to bring his family ?? ARE WE than SHORT of THE UNEMPLYMENT NUMBERS, or JUST the SOCIAL SECURITY PAYMENTS NEED TO GO UP?? NO ONE SHOULD SUFFER THIS FATE, So OUR Government IS The RESPONSIBLE PARTY !!! Blind Freddy can SEE whats going to HAPPEN !!! The FACT IS THAT a LARGER POPULATION Does NOT MEAN a PROSPEROUS COUNTRY !!! IF Any PERSON BELIVES that it DOES, than GO, GO, right AHED and HELP THESE COUNTRYS OUT with Your SOLUTIONS !!! SURELY YOU would be WELCOME, along with YOUR MAGIC Formula !!! There is a Great selection to CHOOSE from !! TO DATE a POPULATION EXPLOSION HAS NOT BEEN SHOWN TO ALLIVIATE POVERTY, BUT IT HAS SURE BEEN SHOWN TO CREATE CRIME AND SLUMS !!!
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steve the AUSSIE of Melbourne Posted at 9:41 AM Today
It is a shame that a human being was killed, reading the comments this morning I read AUSTRALIA is a bad place with so many racists, can I bring up a case where an INDIAN ran over an AUSTRALIAN in his car and then fled to his country of birth to ESCAPE our legal system.
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Jack of Melb Posted at 10:03 AM Today
Maybe if there were not so many invading this country, people would not hate them so much.
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Tom of Melbourne Posted at 10:03 AM January 04, 2010
Rasicm is alive and well in Australia no doubt, and most of it is directed at Australians from indians, i was on the train the other night and a group of indians abused me and called me a dirty Australian, in my own country, now if you are wondering where this hatered is being feed from than maybe they should look in their own back yards about where this is being fuelled from, if you disrespect people in their own country then you will breed that hated yourself. Their is no excuse for what happened to this young man and I feel for him and he's family but at the end of the day, you indians do not do anything to help yourselfs and you push the blame on anyone but yourselves.
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Russ Miller Posted at 10:16 AM January 04, 2010
I've dealt with Indians for many years, haveing them as my Officers in the Army, bosses in civvie street, clubmembers etc. Their reasoning is 'his money was left therefore it's a racist attack' ... Bull, there are many reasons from drug induced stupidity to fear to getting away. It's always about them and their compo and how they can get something. Every Australian know Australia is a violent country, we know where to go and where not to go... who to irritate and who to stay clear off (it's sad but that's this country). It's about time those who get caught have their race and country of origin known so the whole truth can come out.
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too many indians Posted at 10:26 AM January 04, 2010
Sick of all the Indians complaining. This relates to crime, you idiots. Also multiculturalism - it just doesn't work.
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Trav of Melbourne Posted at 11:41 AM January 04, 2010
more murders occur in india than any other country in the world, are you sure it wasnt an indian who murdered this person?? condolences to the family!
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Harden Up Posted at 1:08 PM January 04, 2010
Far safer to be an Indian in Melbourne than a Muslim in India....
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john pasquarelli of newstead VIC Posted at 1:17 PM January 04, 2010
a terrible murder but all political parties have rammed multiculturalism down our throats and then sit back and prattle when these shocking things happen - whites have of course been attacked by ethnic gangs - African - Asian - Middle Eastern et al and then the politically correct brigade chime in including Victoria's Police Commissioner Simon Overland who refuses to utter the words 'zero tolerance' - it is appalling and shameful that ordinary Australians now fear travelling to various notorious suburbs and our CBDs
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Peter the Great Posted at 1:22 PM January 04, 2010
What about the AUSTRALIANS that are being attacked almost daily?? If you dont like it here,then get one of your mates to drive you to the airport in his taxi and get the hell out of here!! Good riddance.
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les.smith of melbourne Posted at 1:37 PM January 04, 2010
When will people come to understand Indians are not likes they do not have a good track record no matter where they are in the world. And they have been able to get the same reputation here in Australia now they cry like stuck pigs when something goes wrong. We Australians live with it every day and we are forced to live with Indians which many of us do not like. My advice to Indians is simple if you are not happy leave and find somewhere you will be happy. Because I for one do not care for you or your complaining and protesting -----------
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These comments are certainly not the majority, but they are disturbing. Clearly for some, the outrage here is not that someone was killed, but that Indians have the audacity to complain about it, or to suggest that Australia and Australians are anything less than awesome. Or they are outraged that there are even Indians here in the first place.

It is interesting that while so many commenting have denied that Australia is a racist country, or that the attacks could be racist, there are so many commenters (such as those I have listed here) who prove how much racism and xenophobia are still alive. If those attitudes are prevalent, and being conveyed in private to the friends and family of the people expressing these attitudes, do they create the very environment that leads to violence against Indians?

For everything I've previously blogged about attacks on Indians, try here.


  1. I was just about to post about this, but my post would have been a link to the article and a lot of outraged capslock.

    It's just ARGH, WHAT STOP IT NOW. This ridiculous xenophobia is so frustrating and argh. ARGH.

  2. Holy crap dude.

    I was all smug thinking nah I'm used to getting angry over racism from back in the day when I was doing Aboriginal Studies. But yeah... not so much. I'm pretty much seething right now.

    Is it even true that knife attacks are as prevalent as some of these comments would have you believe? (regardless of who is supposedly on either end of the knife) That shit is scary.

  3. Let's pretend for a minute that this has nothing to do with racism. It still leaves Australia with a very violent youths. I'm not sure how this augurs well for Australia's future.

  4. Much of the responsibility for encouraging such a climate lies at the feet of Afrikaner Dolt, Australia's Most Read White Nationalist. He has assidiously been agitating for White Nationalism over the years on the pages of the Stormfront-Sun, providing a platform on his blog for fellow ethnic nationalists to egg each other on and psche themselves up for a race war.

    Afrikaner Dolt, as a sub-editor of the Stormfront-Sun, no doubt carries enough influence to export his comments policy to the paper in general.

    While there may be some legitimacy in discussing in a civil manner the best policy to adopt regarding settlement (soft multiculturalism over hard multiculturalism; or encouraged gradual assimilation over the possibility of permanent segregation), allowing the sieg-heil ethnic nationalists to hijack the discussion on settlement policy, as we see most prominent on the Stormfront-Sun, is simply not the way to go.

    When we finally see ethnic demagogues like Afrikaner Dolt shunned and ostracised by the general society and relegated to obscure hate sites on the web where they belong, then we will know we are ready to properly start the process of sensible and civil discourse about creating a country that abides by the principle "e pluribus unum".

  5. On one hand you Anglo-Australians want cheap education and on the other hand you don't want International Students. What you fail to realize is that if it wasn't for International Students your Tertiary Education fees would be for so many of you "unaffordable". Universities and other Tertiary Education Institutes survive because of International Students, and because of this Australian Citizens can have access to Tertiary education at a far more affordable rate than if there was no International Students. So make your mind up 'do you want us here' or 'expensive education??? either way it does not bother me cause I'll just go to Europe or the US to study.

  6. If you want to judge how racist my country Australia is (which I am currently ashamed of after reading for the past year on our history), read this:





  7. Racism will always exist in any society. It's how it manifests and is allowed to breed that is the worry. We're on the precipus of becoming a medium to high density city. If families, lawmakers, media and social groups don't step up and tighten their games - we're in for quite a ride.

    I used to think tolerance was a silly word to use to describe or promote multiculturalism but now I see it's a must. Base level stuff.

    We're not an evil society and I have faith in us but step up your a-game my fellow aussies.