Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Invasion Day!

It's Australia Day today! Which means we all have a holiday, and I'm spending the day at a friend's barbecue. While they all eat lamb and whatever else, I've got the vegetarian mock-chicken patties happening, which is probably quite un-Australian, but I don't care.

Of course, it is worth taking a moment in between beers to contemplate what the day means. And yes, it is the celebration of our nation, and generally speaking, what a great nation it is. But keep in mind that to Australia's indigenous inhabitants, "Invasion Day" remains a more apt title. I'm going to be too busy enjoying my day off and sipping Moscato to get all angry and worked up, but nonetheless it's worth remembering how our good fortune to live in "The Lucky Country" came at a cost to someone else.

Check out this video, sent to me by my homeboy Aamer (of Fear of a Brown Planet fame).

Happy Invasion Day 2010 from Fear of a Brown Planet on Vimeo.

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