Thursday, January 28, 2010

From around the interwebs...

Here are a few things I've come across during the week that I think you should read...

For and against the face-veil
Articles by two British Muslims on why one opposes and one supports (and wears) the niqab. I've got my own views on it; see here if you are interested (although you may not agree).

A blight on us for a perfectly fruity fetish
Want to see an example of what's wrong with unbridled capitalism? How about this: In Australia, around 25% of all perfectly edible fruit and vegetables do not make it to shop shelves, because they don't look perfect enough. So a banana that is slightly too curvy or not the right length will end up as landfill instead. Meanwhile, next door to us, East Timor is the poorest nation in Asia, where malnutrition is rife. It's an indictment both on our system and on our fussy attitudes towards what we buy.

Don't feed poor people, they might breed
South Carolina's Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer criticised the government's program of free school lunches in poor schools, likening it to feeding stray animals. The Colbert Report ridicules him here, and he totally deserves it.

A League of Their Own?
Jeff Yang discusses the proposed All-American Basketball League, which will be for white Americans only. But he also covers the sticky topic of rooting for one's own kind, parallelling it with the way the Asian-American community gets excited about seeing Asian faces in the NBA and NCAA. My previous post on the AABA is here.

The Last Airbender film and how to talk about it
If you've not heard about it, The Last Airbender is the upcoming film based on a popular animated series set in an Asian-styled fantasy world full of Asian characters and culture. Except the film uses real actors, who are all white. Except the baddies of course, who are all brown. Unsurprisingly, lots of people are unhappy about this. Racebending gives a basic rundown in video form.

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