Friday, January 8, 2010

Dave Chappelle - Black people and chicken

Here's a bit of context (and damn funny stand-up) from Dave Chappelle for all of you who are trying to get your heads around the whole "racist" KFC ad thing (from my previous post).


  1. See, nobody should be ashamed of liking fried chicken.

    Clearly I need to watch some more Chapelle, because that was awesome.

  2. ^ Don't sleep on Dave, he's the man.
    Check for some of the sketches on his show; particularly the one where black people get reparations, and the blind black white supremacist.

  3. You don't understand. This is in the context of white supremacy and black oppression/ racial cleansing. You seem to be one of these uncle toms who want to gloss over these issues to be accepted by whites. But I ask you, what do these same whites who you want to use these words call you in public?