Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Racist douchebag Herald-Sun reader of the week

"Mary of Epping", step up and claim your prize. I officially declare you a heartless bitch and a f***ing tool to the max.

Mary's comment (below) relates to the Herald Sun's article about Somali-born Farah Jama, wrongfully convicted on extremely dubious rape charges. Jama was released this week after 16 months in prison after the prosecution admitted a serious miscarriage of justice, and is likely to receive a substantial compensation payout.

Over to you Mary:

Mary of Epping Posted at 10:02 AM Today
I'm sick and tired of refugees sponging off the system! I'm sure theres no compensation where Mr Jama comes from so why the bloody hell should we pay? Stop the rot!
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Mary, I'm embarassed to be of the same species as you.

My take on the Jama case, and its possible taint of racism and Islamophobia, is here.


UPDATE (10 December): Mary is at it again! Perhaps I read too much Herald Sun, but there was another comment from Mary of Epping, this time relating to an article about a taxi driver who was stabbed in the chest. Here's what she had to say on the matter:

Mary of Epping Posted at 10:05 AM December 09, 2009
If taxi drivers concentrated on picking up their pensioner customers ON TIME then they wouldnt be in this mess. Instead they would rather pick up these GenY animals with their fancy slacks and big cash... and unfortunately this is what happens. Tougher jail time for hooligans is long overdue. Stop the rot!
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Full of compassion as usual.


  1. It's interesting what articles, and on what subject matters, the Herald Sun always chooses to open up to comments, isn't it.

  2. ^ To be fair though, most of the comments were reflecting outrage at a man being wrongfully imprisoned based on faulty evidence.

  3. i noticed Mary from Epping's other comments in other stories, in one she claims that bad teenagers are under the spell of the satanic influence of the film Twilight


  4. ^ Twilight, Harry Potter, it's all evil I tells you.

    Mary is bordering on being satire - a send-up of reactionary attitudes.

  5. "Mary is bordering on being satire - a send-up of reactionary attitudes." Could this possibly be right? Is she really just a parody of the racist, sexist, homophobic etc. undercurrents of tabloid newspapers and talk-back radio. Is she possibly just the inner-voice of the average tabloid reader who possesses all of these beliefs but is shocked when confronted with someone who proudly voices them? You'd be shocked by the number of readers that actually agree with her beliefs.

  6. ^ Believe me, I wouldn't be shocked at all. Years of reading the Herald Scum has convinced me that almost everyone is a bigoted arsehole.